Tunisia: Thousands join sit-in outside Constituent Assembly

Picture via Tunisian Popular Front on Facebook 

Thousands joined a march to reinforce a protest camp outside the Tunisian Constituent Assembly on 6 August, following a call by opposition parties and trade unions to support the call for a new government. The Tunisian trade union federation, the UGTT, was among the main supporters of the protests, which were called to mark the 6 months’ anniversary of the assassination of Chokri Beleid, a leader of the left-wing Popular Front. Another well-known opposition figure, Mohamed Brahimi, was killed on his doorstep a few weeks ago in similar circumstances to Beleid. Tens of thousands marched in his funeral procession, chanting against the current government, which opposition activists accuse of complicity in Beleid and Brahimi’s murders.

The anger against the government, which is led by the Islamist En-Nahda party, has both social and political roots. The past year has seen protests and strikes in many areas in protest at continued unemployment and poverty, particularly in the revolution’s heartlands of central Tunisia. Meanwhile, UGTT offices were attacked by thugs who trade unionists say are supported by En-Nahda, and the government’s left-wing critics have been targeted for assassination.

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