Turkey: Egyptian independent unions’ message in solidarity with protests against Erdogan

Cairo: 5th June 2013

 Solidarity Declaration from the Egyptian Federation of Independent Trade Unions to the workers of Turkey


In the shadow of the vicious attack on the working class across the world and our region by the global capitalist regimes, the Egyptian Federation of Independent Trade Unions  stands in solidarity with workers in Turkey and condemns all forms of repression which Prime Minister Tayyip Erdogan has unleashed, including the use of tear gas by police to break up protests, the storming of a commercial complex in the heart of the capital city Ankara where demonstrators had taken refuge by the police, and the arrest and detention of a number of individuals.

Events of the last few days have confirmed that the democratic credentials of Turkish Islamic model, although it is more advanced than that of the Arab Islamist regimes and despite the praises heaped upon it by some of the new rulers in the Arab region, are mere decoration.

The behavior of the Turkish government towards demonstrations and protests has been, as the president of the Federation of Turkish Workers described, “state terrorism against the militant protests which have been taking place across the country … and new confirmation of the hostility of the AKP Party”.

 The Egyptian Federation of Independent Trade Unions stands in solidarity with striking Turkish workers’ legitimate demand:

1.  The immediate resignation of the governor and chief of security in Istanbul
2. Preservation of the public garden in Taksim Square
3. The cancellation of the government’s proposals and the opening of all the public squares in Turkey for democratic protests.
4. Immediate release of all detained anti-government protesters

EFITU confirms to the world that what has been called ‘The Arab Spring’ will move to every country in the world which attempts to escape from genuine democracy and social justice.  The true slogan of the Arab Revolutions, “the people want to overthrow the regime”  does not simply signify the removal of the official regimes of the Arab countries, but rather, the prevalence of this slogan in many countries expresses the will of the people to overthrow the international capitalist system which is controlled by the United States of America, the leader of brutal militarist globalization, and their desire to build a human globalization which puts an end to injustice, oppression,  exploitation and imperialism.

Long live the struggle of the working class! Long live the struggle of the toiling masses!

President of the Federation                                                                    Secretary-General

Alaa Ibrahim                                                                                                              Kamal Abu Eita


Address: 19 Yaqub St. from Khairat St, Sayda Zenab – Cairo Tel/Fax: 002-0227924954

e-mail: efitu.union@hotmail.com – website: www.efitu.com

5 thoughts on “Turkey: Egyptian independent unions’ message in solidarity with protests against Erdogan

  1. I am from vancouver,canada and i wanted to say that the People of Egypt knows what the Turkish People are going through.They have been through the same experience.It is good that the EFITU is supporting the Turkish People in this important fight.The people in Turkey got the same problems as the Egyptian had.The Turkish People will win this battle just like the Egyptian people did.Unions all over the world should supportthe Turkish People in this fight.Keep up the good work.

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