Tunisia: MENA Solidarity delegation to join World Social Forum

A delegation of activists from MENA Solidarity Network will take part in the World Social Forum in Tunis between 26-30 March. We will be joining thousands of activists from Tunisia and around the world for the event, in order to share our experiences of organising solidarity with the Arab revolutions and in particular to learn from colleagues in Tunisia about the challenges facing the revolution there.

MENA Solidarity open meeting at the WSF
27 March – 1300-1530 – venue Salle N
(click here for a link to the programme on the WSF website)
Leaflet for the meeting available to download here
The Arab Revolutions and the international struggle for social justice
الثورات العربية و الصراع العالمي من أجل العدالة الإجتماعية
Révolutions Arabes et Lutte internationale pour la justice sociale
La revolución árabe y la lucha internacional por la justicia social

At this meeting, trade union activists from Europe and the Arab world will share their experiences of organising resistance to austerity and neo-liberalism, and to discuss how we can build international solidarity with the on-going struggle for dignity, freedom and social justice in the Arab Revolutions. We will discuss the crucial role played the workers’ movements in Tunisia and Egypt in the revolutions which began in 2011, alongside the growing waves of strikes and protests confronting the austerity policies of the European governments.

Speakers: Mohamed Sghaier Saihi (UGTT, Kasserine region, Tunisia), Mokhtar Ben Hafsa (ATTAC/RAID Tunisia), MENA Solidarity activists (UK) and others.

What you can do:

  • If you are travelling to Tunis and would like to get in touch with our delegation please email menasolidarity@gmail.com
  • Contact us by email to arrange for one of the delegation to speak at your union meeting when we return

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