Greece: Vio.Me workers’ solidarity message to Kouta Steel in Egypt

Picture: George Constantinides from

Picture: George Constantinides from

الترجمة العربية للرسالة هنا
Workers at the Kouta Steel plant in Egypt have occupied their factory and begun production under workers’ control – read the message they sent to Vio.Me steel workers in Greece who have taken the same steps recently. This is the reply we received from the Vio.Me workers.

Dear Friends,

This is Teo from Thessaloniki Solidarity Initiative to the Struggle of Viome. I transmitted your message to the Viome Workers Union. They are very interested in exchanging experiences and making a connection between the two struggles, so you can send all messages and information to this mail and I can translate it and pass it on to them.

Below is a message from the workers of Viome. Please transmit it to the workers of Kouta:

“We, the workers of Vio.Me. <http://VIO.ME> , would like to thank our colleagues from the Kouta Steel Factory in Egypt for their support and solidarity to our struggle. We stand in solidarity beside our colleagues in their own struggle and we proclaim: “The workers united will never be defeated”. Dear colleagues: Those who fight for their rights might lose,
those who do not fight have already lost.”

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