Egypt: Teachers protest at Cabinet Offices

Extracts from a statement by the Egyptian Teachers’ Federation at the teachers’ sit-in outside the cabinet offices 10 September 2012

“Once again teachers have restarted their revolution, in order to demand a radical and comprehensive solution to the issue of their wages, which have declined and are the lowest not only in Egypt but across the whole region. …

Social justice was one of the dreams of the Egyptian people when they came out on 25 January 2011. Justice will be achieved when the state exercises its responsibilities and is committed to its duty towards its citizens, which is to provide them with a fair wage, rather than evading this responsibility by withdrawing [from providing education], leaving the community to foot the bill. …

The legitimate demands of the teachers will achieve justice for all, and push our country forward. Teachers will continue their struggle and will not give up or back down on their right to live in dignity, nor will they stop demanding that the state that it carries out its responsibilities instead of evading them. …

Our demands are:

1. A fair wage to preserve the dignity of the Egyptian teachers, consisting of a starting salarly of at least 3000 Egyptian pounds, and complete criminalisation of all forms of private lessons.

2. Raise the basic wage to at least 80% of total salary.

3. A final salary pension scheme

4. Permanent contracts for all fixed-term teachers.

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