Egypt: Video – Mahalla workers: ‘We will make a new revolution’

Over 20,000 workers at the Misr Spinning plant in Mahalla are on strike. Read more here. Video transcript below.

Worker in white shirt: ‘We have four demands: an increase in bonuses, a bigger share of profits, an increase in the retirement bonus from two and a half months’.

Woman worker: ‘The first thing he does when he gets his hands on the presidency, is he forgets about us. He’s only thinking about those earning 200,000 or half a million. He doesn’t think about the workers who are sweating blood. Where are our rights? We can’t even afford a crust of bread. Where’s our president now? We want the minimum wage. Not one of our demands has been met.’

Worker in blue t-shirt [Faysal Laqusha]: ‘The revolution didn’t bring anything to the workers of Misr Spinning in Mahalla. Back in 2006 we were getting profit-sharing bonuses of four and a half months. Other people are getting more and we’re getting less. How can they bring in someone like Fouad Abd-al-Alim [new head of the public sector Holding Company for Textiles and Garment Producation]? He was the most corrupt one here. He destroyed the factory in Mahalla and is destroying the rest of the public textile factories. The workers here are making the revolution again from the start. The coming revolution will be a workers’ revolution.’

Chanting: ‘We don’t want him, we don’t want him’.

Worker in dark galabiyya: ‘The retirement bonus is less than 20,000 pounds. It’s nothing. After 20, 30 years of work they’re just laughing at us, when we get on 15,000 pounds.

Chanting: ‘One, two – where is [Prime Minister] al-Ganzouri?’

What you can do:

  • Send a message of support to the Mahalla strikes via
  • Take a solidarity picture with this sign and post on, put on twitter (@menasolidarity) or email to us

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