Egypt: Tax workers’ sit-in attacked

(Click on ‘CC’ for English subtitles)

The Egyptian Federation of Independent Trade Unions reported today that striking workers from the General Tax Authority were attacked during their sit-in and their tents destroyed. Watch the video above for background to the strike – Tax Authority workers have been involved in a long-running battle over corruption.

Rush messages of support for the Independent Union of General Tax Authority Workers to the Egyptian Federation of Independent Trade Unions:

Read more about the struggles of Egyptian civil servants to build independent unions and defend public services:

Court workers strike
Kamal Abu Aita on the PCS picket line

2 thoughts on “Egypt: Tax workers’ sit-in attacked

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  2. A message of solidarity to the Egyptian Tax Workers Federation from the PCS workers in Euston Tower Central London.

    You have become a legendary group of workers because of your success in the 2007 pay strike. Kamal Abu Aita came to our picket line in June last year and he was an inspiration to our strike that day.
    We are on strike on the 10th May to defend our pensions and then we will begin a strike ballot on the 11th May against the privatisation of the tax service.
    We give you our respect, warm greetings and solidarity in your current struggle. As the old saying goes, ‘UNITED WE CAN WIN’

    Anna Owens
    Branch Secretary
    Euston Tower
    HM Revenue and Customs

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