Egypt: Teachers call for ‘million-strong’ protest 31 March

Video made by teacher activists calling on colleagues to join the protest on 31 March

Independent teachers unions have called for a million-strong protest on 31 March in front of the Cabinet Offices demanding a rise in the state budget for education to 6.5% of GDP. The Egyptian Teachers’ Federation said in a statement:

“Every ordinary Egyptian family, including teachers themselves, has the right to feel confident about the future of their children, and that through education, they will have the chance of a better future than their fathers and mothers. Every student has the right to feel confident that their teacher and their school will treat them humanely and deal with them as students rather than an money-making opportunity. The point is not whether schools do ‘good business’ or ‘bad business’, it is that students are not customers and teachers are not traders. The student wants to feel that he or she has a right to receive an education which frees their minds and spirits. Teachers have the right to feel that their social and educational status is valued, that their schools are able to help them deliver what they want to their students by providing an appropriate working environment (including sophisticated laboratories, reduced class sizes and resources for activities). Failure to achieve this in schools restricts teachers’ ability to teach and destroys their aspirations for the importance of their role.”

The protest is supported by the Egyptian Teachers’ Federation, the Independent Teachers’ Union and the All-Egypt Association of Al-Azhar Teachers.

To send a message of solidarity to the Egyptian teachers’ unions email

4 thoughts on “Egypt: Teachers call for ‘million-strong’ protest 31 March

  1. ” Dear brothers and sisters of the Egyptian teachers’ unions

    As members of the national executive of the National Union of Teachers we send our best wishes to you for the success of your planned protest on 31 March.

    We are sure that your schools need the rise in funding that you are calling for, not least to improve the pay of all those working in them.

    We hope to agree a clear policy of specific support for all Egyptian workers at our Annual Conference starting on 6 April, and look forward to building closer ties with you in the coming years.

    Yours sincerely

    Chris Blakey
    Gill Goodswen
    Nick Grant
    Dave Harvey “

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