Egypt: Solidarity for #Feb11 from around the world

Picture via Oliviachow – Rally in Toronto in solidarity with #Feb11 in Egypt

Protests were held around the world in solidarity with Egypt today, marking the beginning of calls by activists for a general strike and civil disobedience to demand the immediate end to military rule.

In London, Amnesty International organised a rally in Trafalgar Square which brought together around 1,000 people to show solidarity with the revolutions in Egypt, Syria and elsewhere in the Arab world. Egyptian activist Dina Makram spoke to the crowd:

“One year after we got rid of Mubarak, students and workers in Egypt have organised a general strike against the military government. I’m saying this here, to people from the other Arab countries and to the people of Britain, because we need a global revolution. We need to bring down all regimes.” (Read more here)

Other rallies and protests were planned in SydneyChicago, Madrid and  Paris.

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