Egypt: UK trade unionists tell SCAF “stop the attacks”

Statement on Egyptian Army attacks on protesters in Cairo

On 16 December activists protesting for the Egyptian Supreme Council of the Armed Forces (SCAF) to respect the democratic demands of the Revolution at the Cabinet Offices were attacked by the army. This violent crackdown has now extended to Tahrir Square. Already, ten innocent people have been killed and over five hundred have been injured. The army has now begun building physical walls around Tahrir to try to prevent the protests from reassembling, but the movement has not given up and activists are regrouping.

In attacking the protest at Tahrir, SCAF are assaulting a movement that has been a source of hope for millions of people throughout the world struggling against repression and austerity. We call on SCAF to cease the attacks and relinquish their domination of Egypt, as the Egyptian people have repeatedly demanded, to allow democracy to develop.

John McLoughlin – UNISON Local Government Service Group Executive (pc)
Mark Campbell – UCU National Executive
Rob Williams – Chair, National Shop Stewards Network
Andrew Tullis – Convenor, Lambeth UNISON
Sandy Nicoll – UNISON Higher Education Service Group Executive (pc)
Dave Carr – UNITE NHS Organiser
Jess Edwards – Assistant Secretary, Lambeth NUT
Stefan Simms – Assistant Secretary, Ealing NUT
Nick Clark – UCU London Metropolitan University
Rob Archer – President, Redbridge NUT
Paul Holborow – UCU
Paul McGarr – NUT rep, East London
Jane Bassett – NUT rep, Hackney
Luke Evans – UCU, Goldsmiths College
Helen Davies – UNISON National Executive Committee
Nick Grant – NUT National Executive Committee
Tom Maltby – UNISON
Tom Woodcock – NUT
Cerinwn Hilton – NUT
Sue Bond – Vice President PCS
Paul McGoay – PCS IPS group president
Keith Crane  – PCS DEFRA London
Dave Putson  –  PCS London Courts Branch
Andy Reid                   PCS NEC
Emmet O’Brien           PCS
Harold Shalet              PCS
IanCrosson                 UCU Tower Hamlets College
TonyHodges               UCU
PeteFirmin                  LRC & CWU
SarahCox                   NUT (retd)

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