Egypt: UK doctors condemn army murder of Alaa Abdel Hadi

التجرمة العربية هنا

Updated with final signatures 7 January
We condemn the attacks, resulting in widespread injury and death, by the Egyptian military on protesters at the Cabinet Offices and Tahrir Square from 16th December 2011. As doctors and medical students, we  express solidarity with Egyptian medical students, doctors and health workers, and give our condolences and support to the family and colleagues  of medical student Alaa Abd El-Hady from Ain Shams University, who was murdered on Friday 16thDecember by the army during their attack on a sit-in at the Egyptian Cabinet Office. We condemn the ongoing assaults, resulting in injury, blindness and death, on medical workers providing care in camp hospitals for those wounded in public protests in Cairo.

All signatories in a personal capacity:
Dr Kambiz Boomla, GP London, Chair City & East London Local Medical Committee
Dr Anna Livingstone GP and Tower Hamlets BMA
Dr Jacqueline Davis, Consultant Radiologist and BMA Council member
Dr Ron Singer, retired GP and President Medical Practitioners Union – Unite
Dr Gerard Reissmann, General Practitioner, Newcastle
Professor Chris Griffiths, General Practitioner, Queen Mary University of London
Dr Helen Groom, General Practitioner, Gateshead
Dr Adrian Martineau, Senior Lecturer in Respiratory Infection and Immunity, Queen Mary University of London
Dr Nicola Hagdrup, General Practitioner, London
Dr Catherine Sikorski, Paediatrican, Edinburgh
Dr Chris Tiley, General Practitioner, Cornwall
Dr Tom Yates, Epidemiologist, London School of Hygiene and Tropical Medicine
Dr Peter Draper, Health Policy Analyst
Chris Hay, Medical Student, St Barts and the Royal London Medical School
Dr Alex Verner, Consultant Psychiatrist, London
Professor Stephanie Taylor, Queen Mary University of London
Dr Ben Hart, General Practitioner London
Dr Swee Ang, Consultant Orthopaedic Surgeon, London
Dr Jackie Applebee, General Practitioner, London
Professor Wendy Savage, retired Consultant Obstetrican, London
Dr Julian Tudor Hart, retired General Practitioner, and Honorary Research Fellow, University of Wales, Swansea Medical School
Professor Seif Shaheen, Professor of Respiratory Epidemiology, Queen Mary University of London
Dr Abdur Rahim, General Practitioner, London
Dr Ferhat Khwaja, General Practitioner, London
Rosa Hirsch, Medical Student, Manchester
Dr Mary Edmondson, General Practitioner, London
Dr Nipa Bavishi, General Practitioner, London
Dr.C.J.Burns-Cox, Consultant Physician, Bristol
Dr Pam Wortley. Retired General Practitioner, Sunderland
Dr Shamira Bhika, General Practioner London
Dr Emma Reinhold, General Practitioner, Portsmouth
Dr Robert MacGibbon, retired General Practitioner, London
Dr Amina Aitsi-Selmi, Public Health, London
Dr Kate Mandeville, Public Health, London
Dr Judith Ibison, General Practitioner, London
Dr Jamie Brown, University College, London
Dr Asuka Leslie, Public Health, London
Dr Margaret Douglas, Public Health, Edinburgh
Dr Jennifer Mindell, Public Health, London
Professor Christopher Dowrick, University of Liverpool
Dr Alex Scott-Samuel, Public Health, Liverpool
Dr Donatella Soldi, Paediatrician
Dr Christopher Odedun, Emergency Medicine, London
Dr. Diana Warner, General Practitioner, Bristol
Dr Sarah Walpole, Junior Hospital Doctor, Yorkshire
Dr Youssef El-Gingihy, GP London
Dr Osman Bhatti, GP London
Dr Prakash Chandra, General Practitioner, London
Dr Paddy Glackin, General Practitioner, BMA’s General Practitioners Committee
Dr Paul O’Brien, Associate Specialist Sexual and Reproductive Healthcare
Dr John Middleton, Director of Public Health, Sandwell West Midlands
Dr John Ashton, Public Health, Cumbria

For more on the global campaign of protests in solidarity with the sit-in at #Occupycabinet and #Tahrir go here

7 thoughts on “Egypt: UK doctors condemn army murder of Alaa Abdel Hadi

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  4. Did a young woman also die? She was an 18 year old med student attending the university of Cairo. Please help i need to know if this occured…. I worry for her day and night.

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