Bahrain: International day of action to free medics 26 Nov

From the Bahraini Justice and Development Movement:

Since the ludicrous sentencing of the 20 Bahrain medics we have been asking medical workers around the world to sign this petition to the Ministry of Health, demanding that the charges be dropped.

With hundreds of signatures and their re-trial set for Monday 28th November we are now calling for the petition to be handed in at Bahrain Embassies/ Consulates around the world.

We would like to do this in a coordinated way, on Saturday 26th November. A number of cities have already confirmed that they will be taking part but we need as many as possible.

Read more information about how to take part here

Hear more about the campaign against repression in Bahrain from Bahraini activists at the MENA Solidarity Network conference on 20 November. More information here

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