Egypt: Health technicians join strike

Update: 25 September – hundreds of health technicians protest outside parliament

Health professionals and technical staff represented by the Egyptian Health Technologists Syndicate will join a strike from 25 September, after six months of fruitless negotiations over their demands the union said in a statement on 24 September.

The union is fighting for better pay for its members, particularly in relation to allowances received by health technicians such as the travel allowance for health supervisors currently 3.5 Egyptian pounds per month (35p), the exposure to infection allowance (1.85 pounds, 18p). Another key demand relates to professional education which has not developed since 1960.

The EHTS has received backing in its campaign from Public Service International, the global federation of public service unions, which sent the following letter to the Egyptian government.

Send messages of support to the Egyptian Health Technologists Syndicate:

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