Egypt: Hundreds of striking students and staff occupy AUC campus

From Gigi Ibrahim’s YouTube channel:

“The AUC Strike (DDC workers, Security Staff, Custodial workers, & Students) enter into day 4 with no adequate response from the administration to the righteous demands of the strikers. Thus the students decided on day 4 to occupy area in front of president Lisa Anderson’s office in the administration building in hopes of her to come out and speak with the students. Lisa left the building through a secret door and sent an email saying she will meet the following day to “review the administration responses to the demands.” Day 5 ended ugly after Lisa decided to walk out on AUC community during her meeting with them without giving a reasonable answer to the strike’s demands.”

Low paid security and support staff are demanding higher wages, while students have come out in solidarity and to fight huge fee rises imposed by the university management. In the video above, Dr Sameh Naguib, a Sociology lecturer at AUC points out the huge hypocrisy of AUC management, which has sought to exploit the fact its old campus joins onto Tahrir Square by claiming links with the revolution, while its higher administration is riddled with appointees favoured by the Mubarak regime.

Rush messages of solidarity to AUC Student Union president
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