Egypt: Transport workers’ union leader acquitted

On Saturday 25 June, the verdict was announced in the case against Ali Fattouh, president of the Independent Public Transport Authority Workers’ Union. Ali was found ‘not guilty’ by the court – a clear victory of the union and the workers’ movement as a whole.

We received the following statement from his lawyer, Haitham Muhammadain the day after the verdict was announced:

“On behalf of the Independent Public Transport Authority Union I’d like to express our thanks to the RMT and other UK trade unions who sent Ali Fattouh messages of support. This solidarity is very important to us, as although Ali was found not guilty by the court, we know that this case was a clear attack on the leadership of the independent unions. It is part of a wider campaign through the legislation against strikes and protests and the arrests and harassment of trade unionists which we are witnessing now. The same day Ali was found ‘not guilty’ five colleagues from the Health Technicians Union were arrested and are facing a trial in a military court. We still need your solidarity.”

View the full list of signatures on the petition against the anti-strike laws here

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