Egypt: Locked-out Cargill workers appeal for solidarity

cargill_egypt_sitin_attackedwithdogsLocked-out workers at the National Vegetable Oils Company in Egypt, which is owned by giant multinational agrobusiness Cargill, are appealing for solidarity. They have spent more than 120 on the picket line after being forced out of the factory and sacked for taking part in a peaceful protest against worsening working conditions and management bullying last December. They are surrounded by thugs armed with knives who menace them with guard dogs.

In a statement issued on 16 April, the NVOC trade union committee said:

All the 76 workers taking part in the peaceful sit-in, who represent more than 70% of the workforce, confirm that they will continue their sit-in until their demands are met. In the event that the company management does not end this crisis by meeting their demands, they will all peaceful and legal means of escalation

What you can do:

  • Read more on the background to the sit-in on the website of the global federation of food workers unions, IUF here
  • Send a message of protest to Cargill, calling on them to reinstate the locked-out workers

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