Tunisia: Solidarity from teachers’ unions for striking UK colleagues

Colleagues from the teachers’ unions in Tunisia sent MENA Solidarity a copy of the following message which they have sent to the NUT and NASUWT teachers’ unions in the UK in solidarity with their ongoing strikes to defend their pay and pensions. At the bottom of this article you will find details of how you can show your solidarity with teachers in Tunisia.
tunisian_teachers_logoDear friends and comrades,
The Tunisian trade union of secondary school teachers would like to show solidarity with the NUT and NASUWT strikes of 1st and 17th of October.
We consider that your struggle against the attacks on national pay, working conditions and pension is very similar to the struggle we are leading in Tunisia. The demands you are raising show that the neoliberal attacks against education are reaching equally the countries of the North and the South.
Long live the solidarity between teachers! Long live the international solidarity between teachers’ trade unions!
Lasaad Alyakoubi,
General Secretary of the Tunisian trade union of secondary school teachers,
UGTT (The Tunisian Trade Unions Federation)
الرفاق والأصدقاء زملاؤنا في نقابة
National union of teachers
تعبر النقابة العامة للتعليم الثانوي بتونس لكم عن تضامنها معكم ومساندتها لإضرابكم يوميْ 1 و 17 أكتوبر 2013 وتعتبر أنّ نضالكم من أجل حماية الأجور ورفض الزيادة في ساعات العمل وحماية التقاعد ورفض تأخيره نضالا شبيها بما تخوضه نقابتنا في تونس
رفاقنا الأعزاء تؤكد مطالبكم على أنّنا جميعا نواجه سياسات نيوليبرالية تستهدف التعليم  في بلدان الشمال والجنوب على السواء
عاشت نضالات الاساتذة
عاش التضامن الاممي بين نقابات التعليم
الاتحاد العام التونسي للشغل
النقابة العامة للتعليم الثانوي

الكاتب العام : الأسعد اليعقوبي

What you can do:
  • Print off copies of this leaflet with the message of solidarity and take to teachers’ picket lines and rallies.
  • Send a message of solidarity to Tunisian teachers from your picket line, rally or school. Print out this sign [solidarity] and this one [strike] and take a picture to send to us on Facebook or via email (menasolidarity@gmail.com)
  • Get your union branch affiliated to MENA Solidarity and keep up to date with our campaigns.

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