Bahrain: solidarity for jailed healthworkers from Australia

Nurses and midwives in New South Wales, Australia, have been taking action in solidarity with Bahraini colleagues who were jailed in the wake of the brutal crackdown on the 2011 popular uprising.

At the NSW Nurses and Midwives Association annual conference held last week, 61 branches signed up to the Bahrain Solidarity Campaign – largely based on a campaign developed by MENA Solidarity and Bahrain-Australia Youth Movement in March this year. The workplace solidarity kit was endorsed by the Australian Nursing Federation, the Australia Council of Trade Unions and Union Aid Abroad APHEDA, with the support of Amnesty Australia.

Read more on the Nurse Uncut blog here.

Read more about the latest protests in Bahrain and continuing repression here.

For details about our campaign in solidarity with jailed Bahraini healthworkers, click here.

2 thoughts on “Bahrain: solidarity for jailed healthworkers from Australia

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