Event: MENA Solidarity Activists’ Workshop 29 June

MENA Solidarity Network – Activists’ Workshop

1 – 3.30pm – 29 June 2013

Bloomsbury Suite, University of London Union, Malet Street, WC1E 7HY

Two years after the ‘Arab Spring’ began, the explosive combination of neo-liberalism and political repression continues to spark massive popular protests. MENA Solidarity’s Activists’ Workshop will be an opportunity to hear first-hand reports from the ongoing struggles for democracy and social justice in Bahrain and Egypt, and discuss how we can build an effective solidarity movement here in the UK.

Spaces are limited, so please sign up online here: registration form

  • Introduction: From Tahrir to Taksim – where next for the revolutions in the Middle East?
  • Session 1: Bahrain – healthworkers in the frontline of repression
  • Session 2: Egypt – disabled education workers’ fight for justice

Speakers: Dr Mahmoud al-Fardan and Anne Alexander

Dr Mahmoud al-Fardan worked in the Accident and Emergency department at Salmaniyya Hospital in Bahrain. He fled Bahrain in the wake of the brutal crackdown against protesters in 2011, having seen dozens of his colleagues arrested and sentenced to long jail terms. He witnessed the storming of Salmaniyya Hospital by the riot police and army on 16 March 2011 and was detained in the hospital for several days, beaten and suspended from his job.

Anne Alexander is an activist with MENA Solidarity Network and a member of the lecturers’ union UCU. She visited Egypt in early June and will be reporting back on meetings with leading activists in the revolutionary movement and independent trade unions, as well as introducing MENA Solidarity’s new campaign in solidarity with a growing movement of disabled workers who have taken to the streets to demand decent, secure jobs and an end to discrimination.

About MENA Solidarity Network

MENA Solidarity Network’s campaigns take inspiration from workers’ struggles in the Arab world back into the trade unions here in order to strengthen our own strikes and protests. We are supported by three national trade unions, NUT, PCS and UCU, plus a number of trades councils and union branches. Our steering committee includes MPs John McDonnell and Katy Clark, and activists from the NUT, NUJ, RMT, UCU, UNITE and BMA.

 Find out more here: Website: www.menasolidaritynetwork.com ●Twitter: @menasolidarity

Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/mena.solidarity ●Email: menasolidarity@gmail.com

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