Tunisia: secondary school teachers appeal for strike solidarity

sges.pfi 01-1Secondary school teachers across Tunisia are preparing for strike action on 22 and 23 January. The Secondary School Teachers General Union, which is part of the UGTT union federation is demanding changes to the school curriculum and improvements in pay and grading for teachers.

In a statement on 8 December, the union attacked the government for refusing to change the pre-revolutionary educational system, saying: “we condemn the Ministry of Education’s insistence on retaining the curriculum which was inherited from the regime of corruption and tyranny.”
Mohamed Sghaier Saihi, an official of the UGTT representing secondary school teachers in the Kasserine region told MENA Solidarity Network: “We are organizing a big march on Saturday 12th January to protest against government’s policy which is to ignore and neglect our demands. Please let comrades in the teachers’ unions in the UK know about our strike.”

What you can do:

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