Egypt: Postal Workers on Indefinite Strike

Post Offices in Sharkia, a province east of the delta, continue strike action on 28th August for the fourth day in a row. The strikes began with postal workers demanding equal benefits to what their counterparts receive at Telecom Egypt regarding a 200% bonus as well as demanding that their institution be purged of all corrupt remnants of the former regime, that includes the dismissal of all consultants in the Postal Service on counts of alleged corruption.

Said Hamid Ahmed, a teacher, said that there is complete indifference by the governor towards solving the workers’ problems, adding that he wanted to withdraw money from his account in order to buy his engagement ring but couldn’t.

On the other hand workers stressed that they are sorry for the inconvenience caused to members of the public but that responsibility for that was not theirs, but rather that it was in the hands of management to fulfil their legitimate demands so that the Postal Office can resume its services.

Elsewhere, Ismaliya’s postal workers continue their strike today as well for the 4th day running, demanding higher wages and bonuses and better social security benefits.

The postal workers there went into indefinite strike last Thursday; to protest the failure of management to pay them their 200% bonus as well as their profit shares from the telecom companies, and a number of other enterprises owned by Postal Office, which generate annual profits.
The striking workers also demanded that temporary employees be granted permanence and that the employment tax not be applied to their bonuses.The workers are also demanding that a maximum wage be implemented in the Postal Services Office.

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