Egypt: Post workers leaders arrested in dawn raids

Leaders of the post workers strike in Alexandria were seized from their homes in dawn raids on Tuesday 25 March. Ismail Gabr, Haitham Uthman, Ayman Hanafi, Hani Said and Hisham Abd-al-Hamid were arrested at 1am by the police. According to the labour lawyer Mohammed Ramadan, the five men were due to be brought before prosecutors in Moharrem Bey this morning.

Post workers mobilised immediately to defend their arrested colleagues, with a mass march and protest outside the main post office in Alexandria.

The Alexandrian postal workers are taking part in national strike action called by the Independent Union of Post Workers, which union leaders say has seen 70 per cent of Egypt’s 52,000 postal workers walk out to demand better pay and inclusion in the national minimum wage.

What you can do:

  • Send messages of protest calling for the immediate release of the Alexandrian post workers leaders to the Egyptian Minister of the Interior, Major General Ibrahim Mostafa, via copy to the Egyptian Ambassador in your country.
  • Send messages solidarity to the post workers strike via

3 thoughts on “Egypt: Post workers leaders arrested in dawn raids

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