25 January 2014: Solidarity with the Egyptian Revolution

On the third anniversary of their Revolution we affirm our solidarity with all those Egyptians still fighting to win bread, freedom and social justice.

We stand with Egyptian activists who have been shot at, assaulted, arrested and imprisoned for defying the new ‘anti-protest’ laws and the military’s brutal clampdown.

We stand with Egyptian workers occupying their factories to demand the right to work, like the steel workers of Helwan.  We stand with all Egyptians who have organised strikes and protests to demand decent pay and dignity at work.

We stand with Egypt’s healthworkers, teachers, civil servants and transport workers who are resisting privatisation and austerity to defend public services for all.

We call on the Egyptian government to respect Egyptians’ rights to organise, strike and protest, for the immediate release of all political prisoners and an end to repression. We condemn the pervasive use of sexual violence by the security forces and military against protesters.

We call on the UK government to cease all forms of practical, financial or diplomatic co-operation with the Egyptian government which could aid the repression of Egyptian citizens, including imports of arms, tear gas or other material and assistance with police or military training.

Statement initiated by MENA Solidarity Network

Names will be published online and handed in to the Egyptian Embassy on 25 January 2014. See our toolkit here for more details and to help with the campaign. 

Katy Clark, MP; John McDonnell, MP; Ian Hodson, General Secretary, BFAWU; Sue Bond, Vice-President PCS, Andy Reid PCS National Executive; Mark Campbell, UCU National Executive; Christine Blower, National Union of Teachers, General Secretary, UK

And the following signatories:

Karen Reissmann, UNISON NEC (personal capacity)

Marion Doherty, UNISON Senior Steward

Mike Killian, UNISON Communications Officer

S. Hammill

Nina Hammill, UNISON Steward and Safety Rep, International Officer

Adam Rose

Saira Wienr, UCU Site Rep, LJMU

Ian Brown

Dick Brown

Rhetta Moran, Treasurer Manchester and Salford NUJ (pc)

Mark Krantz, Secretary Anti-Bedroom Tax Federation, NUT

Nahella Ashraf, Unite

David McAdam, Unite

Tony Harper, Retired

Camille Tjane

Jim Fagan, Retired member, UNISON

Roger Huddle, Retired

Paul Power, NUT Rep

Natasha Munoz

Alex Hopkins, NUT

Mike Barton, UCU

Siobhan Hawthorne, UNISON

Ursula Hawthorne, NUT

Russ Chandler, Unite

Tony Phillips, UNISON LFEPA Branch Secretary

Claire Chandler, Unite

Andy Coles, UCU

Celia Hutchison, Steward, BECTU

Laila Hasan, USDAW

Chris Ayton, NUT

Bridget Parsons, NUT

Ian Austin

Jen Austin

Gail Meyer, NUT

Dean Harris, Unison

Martin Humphries, PCS Rep

Ian Murray, NUT Sandwell Association Secretary

Ollie Jones, Unite Shop Steward

Marcus Trower, GMB

Tony Barnsley, Assistant Branch Secretary, UNISON

Aidan Pettitt, PCS

Phil Mellow, Branch Secretary Brighton and Sussex, NUJ

Steve Guy, Unite Shop Steward, Gatwick

Keith Boyd, Post Office worker, CWU

Steve Wilkins, Secretary, Medway Trades Council

Hanif Leylabi, Unison / NUS

Charlie McKinnon, EIS HAS Rep



S. Cumming, Unite

Kev Kiernan, NUJ

T Woodcock, Secretary Cambs and District Trades Council

Matt Kelly, H&Safety Rep and Committee member, NUT

Richard Morgan, Unite

Andrew Osbourne, HE GEMS RISC / Unite Rep

Martin Lynch, NUT Secretary, Dudley NUT

Camilla Royle, UCU

Senga Mercer, Unite

John McAuley, Unite

Stephen Bebbington

David Szuster

Ian Hogg, Unite

Shirley Franklin, UCU

P Jenkins

Lesley McGorrigan, UCU NEC

Umit Yildiz, Equality Officer, UCU

Jock Morris, Chair, GCTWR

Helen Blair, EIS

Simon Assaf, NUJ

Jaouhar Bani, Unite

John Burton, Unison (Retired)

Susie Holme,

Tokunbo Oke

Sadie Robinson, NUJ

Ken Olende, NUJ

Annette Mackin, NUJ

Simon Halstead, UNISON

Daryl Denson, Unite

Adam Cochrane, Law Society

Jane Elderton, Unison

Marianne Owens, PCS NEC


Miriam Scharf, International Officer, Newham Teachers Association

Raymie Kiernan

Francesca Manning

Lewis Nielsen, NUS

Patrick Nielsen, NUS

Steve Moorcroft, EFRA Group Executive Committee

Sabby Sagall

Mary Philips, Chair, Southwark Pensioners, SPAG

Becky Townesend, Vice-Chair, Unison

Jan Nielsen, President, Wandsworth NUT

Rahul Patel, UCU

Mandy Brown, UCU

Chris Kelly, Local Association EC, NUT

Dave Hales, UNITE

Ellen Clifford, DPAC Steering Group

John Sinha, Hornsey & Wood Green

John Cowsill, UNITE

Xanthe Whittaker, UCU

Roger Lewis, Convenor, Disabled Members Group, UNISON
Richard Buckwell, branch chair, UNISON
John Moore, UNITE Community
Julie Webster, PCS

Janet Evans, UNITE

David Bridge, UNISON (retired)

Alex May

Ray Long

Marisa Long

Jenny Sutton, Branch Chair UCU CONEL

Anna Gluckstein, NUT

Terry Sullivan, Haringey NUT Committee

David Gilchrist, Haringey NUT Committee

Vivek Lehal, UNISON

Emma Davis

Stefan Simms, NUT Div Sec Ealing

Pete Woodward, UCU

Simon Hester, Branch Chair, Prospect, Health & Safety Executive

Sarah Miller, UNISON

Michael Dance, LGBT National Advisory Committee, NUT

Anna Owens, Branch Sec, PCS

Alasdair Smith, Haringey NUT Committee (pc)

Candy Udwin, PCS rep

Merlin Reader, CWU rep

Terry McGrath, UCU

Rose Wilson, UCU Branch Committee

Gary MacFarlane, NUJ London Magazine Branch, equality officer

Jacek Szymanski

Morag Gillie, UNISON Branch Exec

Liz Wheatley, UNISON steward

Phoebe Watkins, co-chair, Camden UNISON

Duncan Smith, Branch Chairperson, UNISON

Adam Collins, UNITE/ NUS

David Wainwright, UNITE

Sasha Simic, shope steward branch, USDAW,

Mike Dixon, UNITE Community

Chris Gibson, Sec CACA

Alan Watts, UNITE

Steve West, PCS DWP Group Executive

Donny Gluckstein, EIS-FE National Salaries Convenor,

Brian O’Sullivan, UCU NEC member, Chair UCC Regd

Chris Newlove

Sarah Bates

Keith Pender

Penny Gower, EIS-FELA President

Des Barrow, NUT School Rep

Andy Brown, NUT School rep Newham


Iain Ferguson, UCU Committee

John Woods, Branch Chair Portsmouth UNISON

Ian Hogg, UNITE

Bobby Noyes, UNISON/ President Southampton TUC

Jacqui Smith, UNISON

Peter Marsden, Branch Officer, UNISON

Councillor Michael Lavalette, Preston City Council and UCU

Dennis White, NUT

Barry Pavier, UCU

Chris Price, HS Rep/ Branch HS Officer, UNISON

Sandra Kane, UNISON

Geoff Dexter, GMB

Louise Rathbone, UNISON

Bob Moloney, UCU

Simon Strange, NUT

Charles Hayes, NUS

Claudia Campbell

Roddy Slorach, UCU rep,

Mary Brodbin, branch chair NUJ,

Joseph Clark,

Sam Strudwick, UNISON steward,

Rob Ferguson, NUT,

Kieran Crowe, TSSA rep,

Bianca Todd, UNITE rep,

Toby Abse, UCU,

F Dowling, Cheshire West NUT Solidarity Officer,

J Healy, UNITE LGBT London Vice Chair,

Lara Cockett,

Matthew Caygill, UCU rep,

G Halliday, NUT,

Mike Scott, UNITE/ACTSS,

Tom Walker, NUJ,

Chris Close, UNITE,

Salman Shaeen,

Oliver New, RMT/ Ealing TUC Chair,

John Burgess, UNISON rep,

Helen Davies, UNISON rep,

Tirza Waizel, UNITE Community,

Julian Silverman, UNITE Community,

Austin Harney, PCS Assistant Branch Secretary,

David Etherington, UCU Branch Exec,

Dominic Alexander, Barnet College UCU

Vince Blatch, Australia

Sasha Simic, USDAW, Shop Steward, UK

Pam Wortley, Unite, UK

Wayne,Heimbach, United States

Margaret Daly, IWU, Ireland

Popa Luminita, Partidul social democrat, membru, Romania

Duncan, Smith, Unison, Branch Chairperson, Scotland

Andy Coles, UCU, UK

Raymond Storry, NUJ, United Kingdom

Tim Nicholls, Dorchester, Weymouth and Portland TUC , Secretary (pc), UK

Mike Orr, UCU, Scotland

Andy Reid, PCS, NEC, UK

John Molyneux, People Before Profit Alliance, Ireland

Joanne Landy, Campaign for Peace and Democracy, Co-Director, USA

Ian McMahan, PSC-CUNY, Professor, USA

Gregory A., Butler, Carpenters Union local 157, shop steward, USA

Samuel Farber, AFT, Professor Emeritus of Political Science at Brooklyn College, USA

Nahed Mansour, CUPE 1281, Canada

Jason Schulman, PSC-CUNY Local 2334, U.S.

Gail Daneker, Friend for a NonViolent World, Director of Peace Education and Advocacy, USA

Stephen Oren, US

Jens Hanssen, University of Toronto, Canada

Jennifer Scarlott,

Andy Coles, UCU, University Worker, United Kingdom

Allison Brown, USA

James Clark, Canadian Union of Public Employees, Local 3903, Canada

Danny Postel, United States

Dr Tom Bramble, National Tertiary Education Union, Branch committee, University of Queensland, Australia

Ian Allinson, UNITE, Executive Council member, UK

Matthew Hale, Left Unity (Sheffield), Local Coordinator, U.K.

Donna Guthrie, BARAC, National Steering Committee member, Uk

Charles Pottins, Brent TUC, Assistant Secretary, UK

Jan Roger, Ljønes, LO, painter, Norway

Roderick Cobley, UNISON, United Kingdom

David Hughes, Unison, Local Government Service Group Executive, Britain

Frances Pilling, Unite, United Kingdom

John G Walker, Ruskin UCU, Chair, Ruskin UCU (personal capacity), UK

Fortune Rera-Makoni, Revolutionary Workers Group, Zimbabwe (RWG-ZIM), EC member, Zimbabwe

John Palmer, NUJ Life Member, United Kingdom

Sai Englert, SOAS UCU, United Kingdom

Theresa Kermott, Ireland

Sarah Cox, NUT / SWP, UK

Margaret Sharkey, Unite, United Kingdom

Ian Bradley, Unite the Union, London construction branch treasurer, Great Britain

Sean Leahy, Unite WM/6050 Branch, Chairperson, UK

Richard Bradbury, OUBUCU, AL rep, GB

Dean Harris, Unison, United Kingdom

James Karpinski, NUS, UK

Gabrielle Verdier

Amy Gilligan, NUS, NEC, UK

Mark Harvey, UK

John van Dijk, FNV bondgenoten, , the Netherlands

Alex Kerner, CUPE, Local 1281, ,

Bunny La Roche, Unite Community, United Kingdom

Charlie, Kimber, SWP, National Secretary, United Kingdom

Professor SJ Edwards, UCU, UK

Sharlene Bamboat, Canada

Billie Loebner, UCU, Section rep, UK

Suhail, M UK

Hermann, Rupp, ver.di, Germany

Paris Thompson, International Socialist Network, England

Alain KRIVINE, N.P.A., Ancien député européen, France

Antony Wahba

Besancenot Olivier, NPA, Comité Executif, France

Poutou Philippe, NPA, Comité executif,

Poupin Christine, NPA, Comité Executif,

Vachetta Roseline, NPA, Ancienne député européenne, France

Riya Al’sanah, United Kingdom

Christian Hill, Unite

Norma Buddle, NUT, England

Michelle Nathan, United Kingdom

Dan, O’Neal, Progressive Democrats of America Arizona, Arizona State Coordinator, USA

Mark B, NUS

Amanda, Heaton, United States of America

Pascal Oriot, France

Ron Wulf, England/Egypt

Todd Chretien, International Socialist Organization, USA

Josselyn Claudio, US

Eliane Küpfer, Schweiz

Lucy Healer, United Kingdom

Danny Katch, USA

Andrew Donilon, United States

Volkan Akyıldırım, DSİP (Revolutionary Socialist Workers Party), Central Committee, Turkey

Refik Unal

Ozan Tekin, Revolutionary Socialist Workers Party (Turkey), Turkey

Greg Morin, ISO, USA

William Collins, Veterans for Peace, United States

Dougal McNeill, New Zealand

Roger Annis, Haiti Solidarity BC, Coordinator, Canada

Darrin Hoop, USA

Anthony De Zolt, NPA, France

Jeremy Tully, ISO, United States

William Parry, SOAS, Student, United Kingdom

KEITH FLETT, Haringey TUC, Secretary, UK

Siddharth Patel, International Socialist Organization, USA

Richard Garratt, NUT, UK

Andrew Seymour, International Socialist Organization, United States of America

James Eaden, Chesterfield & District Trades Union Council, President, UK

Xanthe Whittaker, UCU, England

Anna Shenk, USA

Andy Coles, UCU, United Kingdom

Aouina Hamadi, Front Populaire Tunisie, Tunisie

Avery Wear, US

Celal Akcay, Turkiye, Usak, Isci

John Wood, Unite N/W 55 Fujitsu NW Branch, Treasurer, UK

Tony Brown, UCL UCU, Branch Secretary, UK

MARIE CLEGG, Right to Protest, United Kingdom

Pierre Rousset, Europe solidaire sans frontières (ESSF), France

Claire Lyall, Unison, Scotland

Guyou Philippe, NPA, France

David Renton, Barrister, UK

Pat Riordan, England

Matt Swagler, United States

Umut Mahir Özen, DSİP, Turkey

Alan Haggard, United States

Tyson Patros, United States

Yusur Al Bahrani

Sean Cumming, Unite, UK

Vincent, Bruand, SNES, France

Hans Bergstedt, Sweden

Amy Gilham, Australia

Björn Therkelson, Sverige

Nasi Payghambarian, Sweden

Joe Kelly, IS Canada

Joel Rasbash, Unite, UK

Rebecca Anshell Song, United States

Stephen Brown, England

Jesse Phillippe, U.S.

Faline Bobier, Canada

Kevin Brice, International Socialists Canada, Canada

Sam Bayley, NUT, UK

Clive Dixon, UNITE, Branch Secretary, Britain

Gavin Edwards, UCU retired, United Kingdom

Colin Walker, Unite, Regional Committee, United Kingdom

Katrina Mayer, GMB, United Kingdom

Frank Ormston, TSSA, UK

Elane Heffernan, UCU, Chair Hackney UCU & national women’s standing committee (personal capacity), UK

Elvira Isenring, Switzerland

Ken Golden, Canada

Liam Campbell, Ireland

Ivan Scarboro, GMB UK

Phil Griffiths, National Tertiary Education Union, Australia

Colin Falconer, Member of Gauche Anticapitaliste (Left Front), France

Megan Trudell, SWP, UK

Neil Rogall, UCU, UK

Pamela Lalbachan, England

Paul Smyth, ASU, personal capacity, Australia

Shaun Cohen, PCS, Branch vice chair, UK

Ioanna Ioannou, UCL UCU, member of branch committee, UK

Bjørn Østby,

John Reardon, UK

Robert Aldred, Canada

Richard Morgan, Unite the Union, UK

Giray Korkusuz, Turkey

Nagesh Rao, University Lecturer, USA

Paul O’Connor, PCS, Head of Bargaining, UK


Ron Tierney, Australia

Rochelle Curtis

Tim Nicholls, Dorset Socialists Convenor, UK

Peter Edwards, GMB, UK

Thomas Weyts, SAP-LCR spokesman, Belgium

Robert Goddard, GMB, UK

Hywel Morgan, PCS, UK

Joe Redmond, Unison, UK

Helen O’Sullivan, Unison, UK


Jurgen De Wit, Belgium

Graham Dyer, UCU, UK

Trevor Jones, Unite, United Kingdom

Qiana Williamson, United States

Michel Huysseune, Vrije Universiteit Brussel, Professor, Belgium

Marilyn Hacker, Writer, France

Dina El-Rifai

Henry Jones, USA

Hugh Friel, United Kingdom

Eva Millette Coombs, USA


Ian Hogg, UK

Arthur Dorland, United States

Georgia Wever, CCDS USA, USA

Sean Gray, Prospect, UK

Linda Papaforti, United States

Ted Wheelock

Gary McFarlane, National Union of Journalists, London magazine branch equality officer, United Kingdom

Karen Johnson, PCS, Assistant Secretary, United Kingdom

Paul Sutcliffe, Unison, Steward, United Kingdom

David McNally, Canadian Association of University Teachers, , Canada

Pooben Naidoo, ANC, South Africa

Melanie Lazarow, Nteu Life member, Australia

Peter Votsch, Canadian Union of Public Employees, Local 3202, Chief Steward, Canada

Richard Belliveau, Democratic Socialists of America, USA

Richard Zaslow, AFT (USA), USA

Stuart Curlett, BECTU, UK

Sandra Abdelgalil, United Kingdom

Trudy Allen, PCS & GMB, UK

Volkhard Mosler, Verdi, Deutschland

Mike Jones, PCS, Industrial officer, UK

Gerald Rowe, Canada

Salim Douba, Canada

Lo Daniels, US

Richard Brown, NUT, UK

Janet Brown, UK

David Lidov, YUFA emeritus, Canada

Sharon, Simpson

Karen Johnson, No Sweat, United Kingdom

Albert Casale, Retired, USA

Allen Gunderson, UFCW, SIU. OPSEU (retired), , Canada

Hackney TUC, Hackney TUC, Joint secretary, UK

Ahmad Al-Sholi,

Chris Kaihatsu, RevLeft.com (affiliation only), U.S.

Brian Richardson, Unite, UK

Karin Wilfingseder, GPAdjp & Linkswende, IS Austria, Shopsteward, Austria

Mike Kelly, NUT, England

Michael Dance, NUT, Rep and NUT National LGBT Advisory Committee, UK

Clare Winter, Unison, United Kingdom

Alison Davy, Unison

Margareta Kern, Artist, UK

Chris Vincent, LU/GMB, UK

Abelardo Clariana-Piga

Maria Bard, USA

David, Lang, Public & Commercial Services Union, SNH Branch Convenor, United Kingdom

Dianne Varga, BCGEU, Canada

Andy Coles, UCU, UK

Gabriela Torreas, Retired, Internationalist, Argentina

Nusrat Bukhari, Unison Rep, United Kingdom

John Bell, Canada

Nigel Watson, United Kingdom

Michael Fairclough, Unison, UK

Gerry Downing, Socialist Fight, UK

Micah Love, International Socialist Organization, United States

Ian Mckendrick, Oxfordshire UNISON Health Branch, Communications Secretary, UK

Chris Stiles, Unite, UK & Ireland

Anna Livingstone, BMA, UK

Anindya Bhattacharyya, United Kingdom

Gareth Jenkins, UCU, UK

Jock Morris, Glasgow Campaign to Welcome Refugees, Chair, UK

Professor Bill Bowring, Haldane Society; UCU, Professor of Law, UK

Dermot Smyth, United Kingdom

Siti Rahimah Ibrahim,

Paul Packham, Unite, Branch Secretary, UK

Zak Cochrane, England

Mehrzad Mazkoory, UK

Neil Pollick, United Kingdom

Lori Salmon

Johnathan Sharpe-Smith, GMB, United Kingdom

John Baker, UK

Rhoda Rosenfeld, Canada

Peter Hill, Oxford Left Review, Associate Editor, England

Robert Amos, Unison, Branch Officer, Scotland

Sarika Sharma, Oxford University Labour Club, Women’s Officer, United Kingdom

12 thoughts on “25 January 2014: Solidarity with the Egyptian Revolution

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  6. We all with the correction of the way of the revolution.we are also against military rule and we support reinstatement of moral.

  7. you did not say a word about the massacres that have been committed by the military and the security forces against the MBH and their supporters or Mursi’s supporters ? are not they Egyptians , are not they have rights , are not they have the right to express their views? are not they HUMAN ?
    why did you summarize the story and made it all about the activists who defied the new law of protest ?

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  11. I am amazed and appalled that mass death judgements can be so cavalierly issued in this day and age. I am amazed and appalled that the Egyptian military, in overturning a duly elected albeit harsh government, has itself become even more tyrannical, severely punishing current protesters and opposition political parties. I am finally amazed and appalled that the US government is or has, supposedly sent military aid (numerous F16 aircraft), courtesy of my tax dollars, to Egypt to bolster this corrupt new government. RFMerrill

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