UK: Trade unionists join Egyptian activists in rally at embassy

Trade unionists and activists from MENA Solidarity joined a protest organised by Egyptian activists in the UK outside the Egyptian embassy in London on Saturday 25 January. Demonstrators chanted against military rule in Egypt and called for the immediate release of political prisoners and an end to repression.

Andy Reid from the National Executive of the PCS union read out the MENA Solidarity statement in solidarity with the revolution, which has now been signed by over 450 trade unionists and other activists. Brian Richardson, representing the Haldane Society of Socialist Lawyers also spoke about the campaign statement issued by solicitors and barristers in the UK protesting at the arrest and imprisonment of Egyptian activists under the repressive anti-protest laws.

There were also delegations and banners from RMT Underground workers and the lecturers’ union UCU from the School of Oriental and African Studies (SOAS).

Egyptian activists from the 25th of January Egyptians in the UK group led the chanting and called for solidarity action to continue, as the crackdown in Egypt worsens.

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