Out now – Occupation in a time of Coronavirus: Middle East Solidarity magazine issue 14

Issue 14 – Occupation in a time of Coronavirus

available from July 2020

Middle East Solidarity magazine is now available to download. During the Covid-19 crisis we are suspending our print publications temporarily, but you can help support our work by making a donation for your copy below. Click to take out an annual solidarity subscription. Download your pdf of the current issue here.

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Cover story – Annexation and apartheid / Occupation in a time of coronavirus

The planned annexation of large parts of the West Bank by Israel are part of a longer history of strategic colonisation and settlement building reports Miriam Scharf. Palestinians are facing the trauma of lockdown in a context of intensifying Israeli occupation. Dave Clinch and Oisin Challen Flynn spoke to Palestinian activists from Hebron and Bethlehem about how they are continuing to resist.

First person – ‘Covid 19 has exposed injustice globally’

Sudanese healthworkers are fighting on two fronts against Covid 19 and systemic injustice both in the UK and Sudan, argues Sarah Abdelgalil

A spirit of solidarity

Despite fierce repression and the devastating effects of war, regime-controlled areas in Syria have recently witnessed a wave of protests. Abdulsalam Dallal reports on how activists have found ways to mobilise.

Al-Sisi’s capital folly

The grandiose plans to create a new capital city for Egypt are testament to Al-Sisi’s determination to prevent a repeat of the mass protests which led to revolution in 2011, argues Fareid Atta. Far from creating a sustainable new city to relieve the pressure of overcrowding in Cairo, housing in the New Administratrive Capital will be only available to the rich.

Raising the flag for liberation

Sarah Hegazi was a courageous fighter against injustice and oppression and an inspiration to the struggle for LGBTQ+ rights far beyond Egypt, says Alice Finden.

News reports

‘The regime wants to put us in cages’ – repression intensifies in Algeria

Sudan sit-ins spread in wake of anniversary protests

Campaign reports

Demonstrations against British shame over Yemen war; Protests against Israeli annexation across Britain; Egyptian political prisoners at risk

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