Photo-story: International protests condemn massacres in Sudan

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Demonstrators gathered in cities around the world over the past week to call for justice for Sudanese activists killed, raped and injured in a merciless crackdown by militias and troops affiliated with the Transitional Military Council. According to a report by the Central Committee of Sudan Doctors, the number of documented killing stood at over 113 by 7 June. The Committee warned that blockades of hospitals by militiamen who also beat hospital staff were causing the loss of many more lives.

Our hospitals are overcrowded with injuries. Essential emergency equipment and medical supplies (such as analgesics and intravenous solutions) are lacking. There is a great shortage in medical staff, mainly caused by the military militias targeting doctors and preventing them from reaching hospitals and clinics to perform their duty. Five major hospitals in the capital got totally shut down by these militias, and two more got partially shut down.  For all these reasons, more and more lives are being lost every day.”

The anger of protesters in the streets was echoed by MPs. Shadow Chancellor John McDonnell said on Twitter

The bloody attempt to suppress the peaceful demonstrations calling for democracy in the Sudan must be condemned and international pressure applied to secure the end of violence.”

Christine Buchholz, MP for Die Linke Party in Germany joined a demonstration outside the Bundestag on 4 June. She said:

I condemn in the strongest possible terms the brutal use of violence by the Sudanese army and the so-called Rapid Support Forces linked with them. Those responsible for this criminal act are the Transitional Military Council led by General Abdelfatah Burhan and General Mohamed Hamdan Dagalo. This Military Council has lost any legitimacy. The German Federal Government must stop cooperating with the Council immediately. Those responsible for the violence against peaceful protests must be brought to account before an independent court.”

Take action now:

    • Email, fax or call the Sudanese Embassy. [Go here for contact details for the Sudanese embassy in London] today, condemning the attacks on peaceful protesters and demanding that the Transitional Military Council withdraws all troops and militia forces from the Khartoum sit-in and other protest sites.
    • Contact the foreign ministry of your government and your local member of parliament. Urge them to issue a statement condemning attacks on protesters and stating that they will hold Generals Burhan and Dagalo of the Transitional Military Council responsible for deaths and injuries to civilians. Call on your government to stop all forms of cooperation with the TMC until those responsible for killing and injuring protesters are brought to justice.
    • Circulate this appeal to your trade union branch or campaign
    • Read and share our background briefing on the armed men who threaten Sudan’s peaceful revolution here

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