Issue 3 of Middle East Solidarity magazine available to order now

MESM_frontcover_issue3Issue 3 available from April 2016

On the cover: Syria: imperialist powers from west and east plan a carve-up

Ceasefire talks involving opposition and regime forces in Syria will be driven by imperialist competition to dominate the country from without, not by the needs of its people, warns Ghayath Naisse.

First person: Britain teaches our government how to cover up, says Farida Ghulam, a leading figure in Bahrain’s opposition al-Wa’ad Party, and wife of political prisoner Ebrahim Sharif, the party’s secretary-general.


Morocco – Sparks of resistance to austerity: Medical students and trainee teachers take on bursary cuts while candle-lit marches challenge electricity price hikes: Mohamed Boutayeb reports.

Western Sahara at the crossroads: Frustrations over the lack of progress in the struggle for freedom in ‘Africa’s last colony’ are reaching boiling point, Sahrawi activists tell Alice Finden and Sara Olsson

Challenging the climate of fear: Across Europe, governments are fuelling racism and Islamophobia through new counter-terrorism laws. Middle East Solidarity speaks to activists from Britain and France who are on the frontline of resistance to these tactics of divide and rule.

Plus news and campaign reports: Egyptian doctors strike against police violence, Unemployed protests erupt in Tunisia, Giulio Regeni’s case sheds light on disappearances in Egypt, Academics take a stand against Turkey’s war on the Kurds; Hundreds sign Palestine commitment;

Opinion – A thorn in the regime’s side: Khaled Abdelrahman exposes the hypocrisy of the Egyptian authorities’ persecution of campaigning NGOs

£3 per copy, or £2 per copy for orders of 10 or more. Order here.

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