UK: Activists condemn repression on Egyptian campuses

uculeftActivists attending the UCU Left conference on 9 November pledged their support for colleagues and students in Egypt who are facing widescale repression by the military regime. The statement below was launched at the conference. See below for instructions on how to add your name.

University freedoms under attack in Egypt
Stop the repression

We condemn the attacks by the Egyptian security forces on student protests in recent weeks, and call for the immediate release of students and university staff detained for expressing their opposition to the current military-backed government, or organising protests for better conditions on campus. We call on the Egyptian Supreme Universities Council to take urgent steps to guarantee the right of students and university staff to take part in demonstrations and political activities on campus, rather than increasing the power of university security guards and colluding with the police and security services to repress protests.

As university staff and students, we express our solidarity with our colleagues in Egypt in their battle to defend education and protect the political freedoms which they have won through courageous struggles over the past three years. Their fight today is part of a wider battle against the return of the repressive apparatus of Mubarak’s state. We affirm our solidarity with all those in Egypt who continue to organise for the goals of the 2011 Revolution: bread, freedom and social justice.

Pura Ariza, UCU; Jean Crocker, UCU; Sandy Nicoll, SOAS UNISON Branch Secretary; Tomasa Bullen, Chair Southampton District UNISON; Philip Naylor, UCU UCA Health and Safety Rep; Rachel Cohen, City University Branch Cttee, UCU; Margot Hill, UCU; Naina Kent, Hackney UCU Cttee, John G Walker, Chair Ruskin UCU; Taz Aziz, UCU; Sue Blackwell, UCU; Sean Vernell, UCU National Executive Committee; Cliff Snaith, UCU London Region Secretary; Sean Wallis, UCU National Executive, President UCU London Region; Elizabeth Lawrence, UCU Vice President; Ian Crosson, UCU Poplar College; Billie Loebner, UCU; Ricky Tutin, UCU Bristol; Celia Hollingworth, UCU Executive; Allister Mactaggart, Branch Chair UCU Chesterfield College; Carly Grundle, UCU WKC, Mark Campbell, UCU National Executive Committee; Ioanna Ioannu, UCU; Marie Pendaraku, UCU; Mandy Brown, UCU National Executive; Paul Blackledge, UCU National Executive; Amy Gilligan, National Executive, National Union of Students.

Signatures will be collected until mid-December 2013 and then delivered to the Egyptian Embassy in London

What you can do:

  • Add your name online here
  • Get your Higher or Further Education branch of UCU, UNISON or Unite to adopt the statement as a resolution (please email or add a comment below this article to tell us that you’ve passed it)
  • Download a leaflet here for use in your college or university

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