Egyptian doctors begin indefinite strike

Egyptian doctors began an indefinite strike on 17 May. The doctors stuck solidly for 24 hours on 10 May, and the authorities are already under pressure. Government ministers have hastily promised an increase in the health budget, although far, far less than is needed.

 Crucially the doctors are fighting not just for themselves, but also for a huge injection of money intoEgypt’s public health system.

Their demands are

 1.  Increase the budget of the ministry of health from 4 percent to 15 percent of GDP.
 2. The removal of the leaders of the ministry of health, and all the corrupt leaders of the NDP.
 3. New and just wage structure for all the workers of Egypt – and the doctors in the first rank of this new structure.
 4. Provide security in hospitals for the patients and the health staff.

 This strike is part of a wave of workers’ action that has followed the revolution which removed the dictator Hosni Mubarak. It is an important symbol of a wider process of workers demanding social change alongside political change, and removing Mubarak’s cronies who infest public posts and services.

 Please rush messages of support for the doctors’ strike immediately to and and copy messages to

Please also raise this issue in your workplace and trade union, particularly if you are involved in health.

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