Sudanese Resistance Committees, democratic and civil forces: stop the war, mobilise strikes and civil disobedience

19 April – published by Sudan’s Unions Solidarity on Facebook, translated by MENA Solidarity

We, in the resistance committees and democratic political, civil, and professional forces, in continuation to our first statement issued on April 14th, hereby declare that our country has slid into the abyss of total war, in which generals use their weapons to eliminate everything in their path, and excessive violence has been used by the regime forces as a tool to settle the disputes and conflicts over power. This is contrary to the rules of democratic transition and peaceful power-sharing.

Despite our differences in political views, we are completely united in our stance against the war and its continuation, and in our opposition to the return of the remnants of the previous regime to the political scene.

We call for an immediate cessation of the war and the silencing of the sound of guns, and we reject any results of the war, no matter what they may be. We emphasize the necessity of unity among the forces of the revolution in the face of the schemes of the remnants, who are striving to regain control of the country, even if it means tearing it apart. We assure them that their efforts will fail, and they will never return, as the glorious December revolution is still alive and burning.

In this regard, we intend to agree on a joint mechanism to monitor developments, coordinate positions, and confront anything that threatens the security and safety of our country and its citizens. The continuation of the war has left and still leaves catastrophic effects, as both parties did not abide by the ceasefire declared earlier by the United Nations. Safe corridors were not designated for evacuating the stranded, medical crews were not protected, hospitals were not spared, and we consider all these violations to be contrary to international humanitarian law and the Geneva Conventions. We hold the warring parties fully responsible for any violation of human rights.

We renew the call for all civil revolution forces to take the initiative and unite to condemn the military operations, call for an immediate cessation of hostilities, and not leave the country as prey to the will of the military and remnants of the previous regime. We should mobilise to declare a comprehensive political strike and civil disobedience, which is the duty of the hour that we must all rally around, and not allow speeches of sedition, fragmentation, and hateful rhetoric to tear this country apart, and to undermine its unity, sovereignty, safety, and the dignity of its people.


1. Haj Yousef Revival Committee Gathered

2. Coordination of Old Omdurman Resistance Committees

3. Coordination of East Nile South Committees

4. Industrial Zone Resistance Committees

5. Resistance Committees – Wad Al-Nil

6. Resistance Committees of Al-Dali and Al-Mazmoum – Sennar State

7. Arab Socialist Ba’ath Party – Asl

8. Forces of Freedom and Change Declaration

9. Republican Party

10. Revolution Forces Unity Mechanism

11. Baladna Movement

12. No Way Back Alliance

13. Civil Alliance for Transitional Justice

14. Sudanese Professionals Association

15. University of Nileen Teaching Staff Union

16. Gathering of Nileen University Professors

17. University of Khartoum Professors’ Initiative

18. Gathering of University of Jazeera Professors

19. Gathering of Sudan University of Science and Technology Professors

20. Gathering of Professionals and University of Imam Al-Mahdi Professors

21. Gathering and Network of University of Khartoum Engineers

22. Gathering of Sudan University Engineers

23. University of Khartoum Graduates’ Conference

24. Gathering of Sudanese Bankers

25. Gathering of Oil Sector Workers

26. Gathering of Tax Department Professionals

27. Gathering of Administrative Officers

28. Gathering of Sudanese Craftsmen and Workers

29. Sudan’s Unions Solidarity

30. Confederation of Sudanese Civil Society Organizations

31. Student Movement Alliance

32. Bahri Youth Initiative

33. Sudanese Association for Social Studies

34. Girifna Movement

35. Political and Civil Women’s Groups (Mensam)

36. Northern Kandakat Bloc

37. Eastern Nile Kandakat Bloc

38. Omdurman Kandakat Bloc

39. Bahri Kandakat Bloc

40. Women’s Forum for Freedom and Change

41. Democratic Women’s Union

42. The Guardians.

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