Egypt: Public Transport Workers Announce All-out Strike

The Independent Union for Public Transport in Cairo has announced a general strike on Sunday the 28th of August, protesting corruption and demanding workers’ bonuses be paid as well as demanding that all transfer payments to all police individuals within the Public Transport Authority be stopped, union general secretary Ali Fattouh put such payments at around 1 million Egyptian pounds monthly.

The upcoming strikes will see tens of thousands of public transport workers bring Egypt’s capital, Cairo, to a halt.

Workers at one of the garages, Athar Alnaby, began striking last Tuesday on similar demands as well as protesting over a 5% pay dock from all of the drivers, cashiers and conductors at their depot alone. The workers were shocked to find this on their pay slips with the average worker losing 15-18 Egyptian pounds.

The Athar Alnaby depot has more than 1000 workers and over 117 buses on 40 different lines, a spokesperson for the union said that workers’ strike in Athar Alnaby was a “warning strike” through which workers were confirming their intent on following through on the 28th with strike action in the entire Public Transport Authority.

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