Egypt: Independent hospital unions build links across health service

Independent unions at six hospitals have taken their first steps towards regular co-ordination. Representatives from Manshiyet al-Bakri Hospital, Al-Du’aa Hospital, Al-Zawiya al-Hamra Hospital, Al-Abbasiyya Mental Health Hospital, Al-Munira Hospital and Al-Haram Hospital issued a statement on 9 August pledging to meet regularly in order to build the independent unions across the health sector. They will also work together to fight corruption in hospital management, continuing the struggle to ‘cleanse’ public administration in the wake of the revolution. “We will all stand as one against any attempt to victimise trade union activists in the hospitals”, added the statement which was issued after a joint Ramadan iftar breakfast.

Independent hospital unions mark a break with traditions of health worker organising in the past, as they unite hospital workers across professional divisions, uniting doctors, nurses, admin and manual staff in one union. Read more on the foundation of the Manshiyet al-Bakri General Hospital Union here.

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