Trade unionists’ open letter on the adoption of the IHRA definition of antisemitism and examples

We are deeply concerned by the accelerating pressure on the labour movement to adopt the International Holocaust Remembrance Alliance (IHRA) definition of antisemitism and the associated examples and urge our fellow trade unionists to stand firm in opposition to this divisive move.

Trade unions and the Labour Party must be at the heart of building a movement against racism and fascism, and there is no place for antisemitism, Islamophobia or any other kind of racism in our ranks. In an era when the far-right is growing in confidence it is more important than ever to stand against Holocaust denial, anti-Jewish conspiracy theories and any other forms of antisemitic prejudice and hatred.

However, the examples which accompany the IHRA definition systematically conflate opposition to Israel with antisemitism, threatening to undermine many years of practical solidarity with the Palestinian people in the face of decades of dispossession and occupation. We believe it is vitally important that trade unionists can speak out to challenge Israel’s history of racism towards the Palestinians without being labelled as antisemitic.

The IHRA definition and its examples also pose a serious threat to academic freedom. Specifically, there is a wide body of scholarly research and teaching that locates the origins of the state of Israel within the framework of a European colonial settler project. This draws on historical evidence of widely-held racist ideas about the ‘indigenous population’ among Israel’s founders and acts of ethnic cleansing and exclusion in building the new state. Historical interpretations are of course subject to challenge, but the very principles of scholarly research will be under threat if legitimate interpretations of Israel’s founding as “a racist endeavour” are falsely conflated with antisemitism.

We note that the general secretaries of several major trade unions urged Jeremy Corbyn and the Labour Party to adopt the IHRA definition in full. We do not share their view that compromising over this issue is necessary in order to boost Labour’s chances at the polls.

We pledge to continue the campaign against the adoption of the IHRA definition and examples within our own trade unions, and urge others to do the same in their institutions. What we need is to build unity across the labour movement in the face of the growing threat from the far-right, while remaining uncompromising in our opposition to all forms of racism, and steadfast in our solidarity with the Palestinian people.

Initial signatories in alphabetical order – Total 597 signatures at 0900 24/09/18

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Title First name Last name Union position Union
Mark Abel NEC member UCU
Ms Latifa Abouchakra Divisional international officer NEU
Barry Ackerman Member NEU
Mrs Fenik Adham Delegate Unite
Mrs Mary Adossides President Brent Trades Council
mr Abubakar Ahmed
Dr Anne Alexander member UCU
Mr Andy Allan Member Musicians” Inion
Ian Allinson Former EC member, Branch chair and NISC member Unite
mrs jacqueline alty member Unite
Ms Nadia Amara member Unite Community, NEU
Ms Sheila Amrouche NEU
Mrs Sarah Anglim
Dr Jackie Applebee/Turner Acting Chair Doctors in Unite Unite
Mike Archer Member Unite
Mr George Arthur Trades Council officer NEU
Mr Chris Ayton Unison
Dr Claude Baesens member UCU
Ms Paulinr Bailey Dteward Unison
Mr Andy Bain Ex- president TSSA TSSA
Dr Shakuntala Banaji departmental representative UCU
Mr Nigel Barber Member Unite
Mike Barton Branch secretary UCU
Mr Graham Bash Member Unite Community
Dr John Baxter Retired  Yorkshire branch member UCU
Mr Mark Bebbington CLP Delegate Unite
Mr John Beeching Member Unite Community
Ms Stephanie Bernard Staff Representative NEU
Dr Jon Berry Branch President UCU
Pete Bicknell Committee Member UCU
Mr Ian Birchall Member (retired) UCU
Mr Mike Bird Ember Unite
Ms Angie Birtill Member UCU
Mr Peter Bisson Member Unite (Community)
Joseph Black TU Delegate to CLP Unite
Dr. Susan Blackwell member UCU
Dr. Sue Blackwell Member UCU
Mr Jay Blackwood Bristol Unite C’ty Joint LGBT Officer Unite
Katharine Bligh Member Unite (Community)
Ms Paula Bodington Unite (Community)
Dr Kambiz Boomla UCU and BMA
Professor Richard Bornat UCU
Mr Rachid Boukaissi Member Unite
Ms Maxine Bowler Sheffield unite not for profit branch chair  stuc vice chsir Unite
Mr Robert Boyce member UCU
Mr Stephen Brackenridge Rank and file Unison
Mr Ian Bradley Unite
Professor Harriet Bradley Chair, south West Region UCU
Professor Craig Brandist Senior Vice-President UCU
Prof. Haim Bresheeth Member UCU
Mr Richard Bridge None IWW
Terry Brotherstone UCU Scotland Retired Members Branch University and College Union
Mr Stephen Brown none None
Mandy Brown NEC member – London Regional Secretary – Lambeth College
Dr Mark Brown
Geoff Brown UCU
Clive Bryant NEC member PCS
Dr Richard Bulkeley Steward Unite
Professor Ray Bush Member UCU
Grant Buttars Branch President (personal capacity) UCU
Mx Kate Byrne Member RMT
Professor Alex Callinicos UCU
Mike Calvert Unison – Deputy Branch Secretary Islington (PC)* Unison
Mick Calvert Branch Secretary UNITE COMMUNITY
Mr Neil Cameron Member Unite
Dr Ray Campbell Member UCU
Steve Campbell Unite
Mrs Patricia Campbell member UNISON (retired)
ms simona candiolo member NEU (NUT section)
Mirko Mirko Canevaro Member UCU
Mr David Cannon retired member Unite
Mr Pat Carmody Services NISC Unite
John Carr Liverpool Unison
Dr Lesley Catchpowle Ucu retired group ucu
Martin Cavanagh NEC member PCS
Sarah Cave UCU
Professor John Chalcraft Member UCU
Mr Warren Chambers Association Secretary NEU (NUT section)
Bruce Chapman
Dr Adrien Chauvet Chair – Sheffield MEND
Dr James Chiriyankandath Member UCU and Unite Community
MR ANTHONY Chiverton Member Unison
Mr Vincent Chiverton Member in retirement GMB
Mr Farai Chiwandire Opposition to IHRA GMB
Joseph Choonara UCU
Mr Francis Choules Cwu
Ms Katharine Church Retired member UCU
Dr Nicholas Cimini EIS-ULA President EIS/FELA
Mac Clarke Member Unite
Dr Owen Clayton Member UCU
Mr Adam Cochrane CWU
Sybil Cock Member UCU
Ms Carol Cody UCU NW Women’s Equality Officer UCU
Shaun Cohen Branch Executive PCS
Mr Richard Comaish Community, UNITE, NUS
Miss Sheena Connor Member Unite
Ms Terry Conway Chair, Islington UNITE Community Unite
Mrs Angela Cooke Member (retired) UCU
Mr Roger Cox Secretary Brent Trades Council UCU
Keith Crane PCS rep Defra PCS
Harvey Crane NEC member PCS
Dr Stephanie Cronin member UCU
Mr Eugene Crummie Branch Secretary EIS/FELA
Graeme Cumming  steward and branch officer-retired Unison
Dr Steve Cushion Branch Secretary UCU
Mike Cushman former LSE Branch Secretary UCU
Mrs Anne Cutress Member Unite
Ms Silvana Da Ros Retired Unite (Community)
Mr Sulayman Dambel Sub-Rep late shift CWU
Michael Dance NEU London LGBT+ National Organising Forum NEU
Mr Neil Darby Member NUJ
Ms Jacqueline Darcy Branch secretary UCU (University Colleges Union)
Ms Anya-Nicola Darr Member Unite
Geoff Davey Retired Unite
Mr Gordon Davidson Unite
Mr Robert Davies Member GMB
Mr John Davies NE/GOE/12 Branch Secretary Unite
Helen Davies NEC (PC) UNISON
Mr Nicholas Davies Member UNISON
Mr Nicholas Davies Member UNISON
Mr Michael Davies Member Unite, Community
Gillian de Wolf Retired Member Unison
Mr Ujitha de Zoysa Member GMB
mr george deacon Steward Unison
Alan Dennis NEC member PCS
Mrs Stephanie De-Sykes Member Unite
Mr Andy Diagram Musicians Union
Prof. James Dickins UCU
Miss Catherine Dolan Unison Steward Unison
Mr James Donnelly Member Unite
Jane Doolan NEC member (PC) Unison
Mr Anthony Dooley local officer Suffolk UNITE Community Unite
Jake Douglas Member (ex-Branch Secretary) UCU
Clare Dove Retired member Unite
Tony Dowling Membership Sec * Gateshead NEU
Mr Jeremy Drinkall Schools Convenor Unison
Mr. Lee Drysdale Member Bectu
Dr. Mara Duer member UCU
Miss Christine Dumonceau Member Unite
Mark Dunk Rep Unite
Mr Damian Dunn Workplace rep UNITE
Jess Edwards Executive member NEU (NUT section)
Dr Jennifer Philippa Eggert Member UCU
Thomas Eisner Member Musicians Union
Miss Rosita Ellis Equality Officer Unison
Sai Englert Local fractional rep UCU
Ms Sarah Ensor PCS Workplace Rep, IOPC (pc) PCS
Mr Aubrey Evans Member Unite Community
Colin Fancy Unite member Unite
Mr Craig Farlow member IWW
Steve Faulkner Branch President GMB
Dr Howard Feather rank and file member UCU
Pia Feig Retired member Unison
Robert Ferguson Publicity Officer, Newham NEU (NUT section) NEU (NUT section)
Mr John Fernandes Retired Member London UCU
Mr Mark Findlay Member Unite
Ms Deborah Fink Member Musicians Union
Dr Lorna Finlayson UCU
Pete Firmin Branch delegate to Labour Party and Trades Council CWU
Mr Dan Fleming Member Unite
Dr Peter Fletcher member UCU
Mr Gerald Flintoft Member NUT
Dr Joao Florencio Secretary and Equality Officer UCU
Anthony Foley Birmingham EC (PC) NEU
Ms. Dorothy M. M. Fordyce Community Member Unite
Pauline Fraser  International Solidarity Officer NUT section NEU
Miss Christina Freeman Former Branch Secretary, Barking Dagenham and Havering Unite (Community)
Mr Kevin Freeman Member Unison
MR HILLEL FRIDMAN secretary Unite (Community)
Mr Nigel Frost Member Unite (Community)
Kenny Fryde NEU (NUT, left profession)
Thomas Gallacher Vice chair glasgow community branch Unite
Mr Duncan Gallon PCS
Jon Gamble BEC DfT London & South East Branch PCS
Mrs Donna Gardner Member Equity
Dr Les Garner retired member UCU
Mr Steven Garside UCU
Carolyn Gelenter General member National Education Union
Craig Gent UCU
Gloria George Unite Community
Mr John Gibson activist CWU
Ms Daphne Gilbert Unite (Community)
Ms Esther Giles Member Unite
Ms Morag Gillie Member Unison
Rene Gimpel Individual member Unite
Dr Jay Ginn Member Unite
Jacky Girling Unite
Mr Sam Louis Gisagara The Equalities representative London region unite the union The unite the union
Martin Gleeson Workplace Representative Unite
Mr Murray Glickman retired membeer and former branch officer UCU
Janice Godrich National President PCS
James Goldsack PCS
Dr Anna Gordon Branch Chair (PC) LE/0040 Unite
Mr Steve Gower Member Unite (Community)
Ms Karen Gower IR Rep CWU
Mr Nick Grant Former NEC MEMBER NEU
Angela Grant NEC member PCS
Ms Kay Green Unite
Mr Tony Greenstein Branch Committee UNISON
Professor Lee Grieveson UCU member UCU
Steve Guptill
Simon Hales Unite
Mr Martin Hall None UCU
Dr James Hall Member Unite (Community)
Mr David Halls Unison
Mrs Kathleen Hamilton Retired Member UNITE
Ms Ghazal Haqani Member Unite
Lorraine Harding Unite (Community)
Dr David Hardman Health and Safety Rep TSSA
Austin Harney NEC member PCS
Dr Alan Harrison Local president (retired) UCU
Neil Hart NEU member NEU
Mr Emmet Haverty-Stacke Member Unite (Community)
Mr David Hayes PCS Member PCS
Fran Heathcote NEC member PCS
Ms Kristina Hedges Executive Committee member UCU
Elane Heffernan NEC member UCU
Mr John Hemsley retired rep Unite
Mr Keith Henderson Branch Secretary Unite
Michael Henderson RMT
Mr Keith Henderson Branch Secretary, Security Industry Branch Unite the Union
John Henry union
Simon Hewitt UCU Shipley CLP
Mr. Tom Hickey Committee member UCU
Dr Malcolm Higgins Member Unite Community
Mr Joel. Hirsch Education officer Unite (Community)
Dr Virginia Hjelmaa Retired UCU
Mr Chris Hodder ARMS Member PCS
Mr Roger Hodskins Retd. Workplace rep. P.C.S.
Ian Hodson National President, Bakers’, Food & Allied Workers Union BFAWU
Mr Richard Hoffmann Unite
Dr Christian Hogsbjerg member UCU
Zita Holbourne Vice President PCS
Mr Michael Holland Assistant Branch Secretary, Lambeth NEU (NUT section)
Mr Doug Holton Hackney Trades Union Council (Education Officer) Equity
Mr Mike Hope Suffolk Unite Community member Unite (Community)
Mr Rob Hoveman Unite
Ms Jane Howley Member Unite
Mr David Hughes Local Govt Service Group Exec (pc) UNISON
Ms Tina Humphries Unison
Stewart Hyde Unite
Larry Hyett Delegate to Bexhill & Battle CLP & TULO, chair of Battle Branch Labour party Unite
Eileen Imlah Branch Secretary EIS/FELA
Mr Geoffrey Ingarfield Retired member UCU
Louise Ingham Unison Retired Member Unison
Dr Tajul Islam UCU
Dr Afaf Jabiri Member UCU
Jack Dunn Unite
Mr Pete Jackson Midlands region vice chair PCS
Prof Tim Jacoby Member UCU
Nordin Jahar  Member RMT
Mr Nigel James member Unite (Community)
Diana James Assistant Branch Secretary – Islington (Unison) (PC) Unison
John Jamieson NEC member PCS
Ms kauser jan activist, international solidarity officer, equality advocate NEU
Ewa Jasiewicz  Member Unite and United Voices of the World
Gareth Jenkins UCU
Mrs Jill Jerram Member Unite
Mr Adam Johannes Vice-Chair Unite (Community)
Mr Steve Johnston Leeds TUC. Treasurer NEU
Ms Jean Jones Member Unite
Dr Peter Jones Member UCU
Mr Gareth Jones Member Unite
MS Linda Jones Retired member Unison
Peter Jones ex Chair UCU Cymru UCU
Chris Jones NEC member UCU
Ms Annie Jones Branch Officer UCU
Dr Hannah Jones Member UCU
Emma Jones-Emmett Member Unite
Md Naomi Junnor Vice convenor and steward Unison
Dr Moncef Kallala None None
Dr Ghada Karmi Member UCU
Mr David Kear Member Unite
Mr. Philip Keefe Member TSSA
Ms Jane Kelly None UCU (retired)
Mr Michael Kelly
John Kelly EIS/FELA Nat Exec Personal Capacity EIS/FELA
Mr Michael Kennard (Chatham & Aylesford CLP Treasurer, personal capacity) Unite (Community)
Mrs Gillian Kennard Member Unite (Community)
Mr Geoffrey Kerr-Morgan Unison
David Kersey Communications Officer (PC) Unison
Mr Luqman Khan Member Unison
Dr Akram Khan University and Colleges Union
Mrs Jennifer Kidman Vice Chair East London branch Unite (Community)
Andrew Kilmister Branch Secretary (personal capacity) UCU
Ms Jean Kincaid Retired. Member Unite
Ms Sally Kincaid Joint Branch Secretary Wakefield & District NEU
Davy King Community member Unite
Mr Steve Kinneavy Member Unison
Mr Richard Kirkwood former Chair Islington TUC UCU
Mrs Julie Knights Member UNISON
Mr Tim Kruydenberg None/retired None/retired
Dr Alan Lafferty retired UCU
Mr Dvid Landau President of Redbridge Trades Council Unite
Stephanie Lang UCU
Councillor Mike Langley South west political commmitee Unite
Tahir Latif NEC member PCS
patrick lees member Unite
Katie Leslie Secretary, BEIS London and South PCS
Dr Les Levidow member UCU
Ms Erica Levy Member UCU
Dr Gavin Lewis member Bectu
Craig Lewis Branch member Unite (Community)
Dr Bob Light Retired UCU
Ms Christine Lindey retired member UCU
Mr Fred Lindop UCU retired
Mrs adele litherland Member Unison
Mr Roger Litherland Member Unison
Dr Anna Livingstone Vice Chair Tower Hamlets BMA
Marion Lloyd NEC member PCS
Rhiannon Lockley UCU NEC  -Dudley South CLP UCU
Miss Alexandra Lort Phillips Member Unite
Helen Loukaides Unite
Gareth Lowe Chair, National Publishing and Media Branch; Chair, London & Eastern RISC Unite
Dr Steve Lui NEC member UCU
DR Harriet Lupton FORMER  member of the BMA retired now
Marie Lynam GMB
 Martin Lynch President Walsall TUC NEU
Dr Bob MacCallum Member UCU
Fiona Macdonald Vice-chair Scotland Committee PCS
Ms Dorothy Macedo Deputy chair South Coast Unite Community Unite (Community)
Brother Barnabas-Francis MacPhail Retired RMT
Alistair MacPhee Glasgow City Council branch SC/6001 rep Unite
Allister Mactaggart Vice Chair UCU
Dr Alan Maddison Member Unite
Dr Dave Madill NEU
Ms Lisa MahoneyPearce Joint Division Secretary NEU
Professor Henry Maitles UCU
Mr Toby Mallinson Joint Division Secretary, NEU SHEFFIELD Division NEU
Sophia Mangera Unite (Community)
Ms Antoinette Mangion Member Unite
Miss Francesca Manning Workplace representative NEU
mr. richard manser retired member unite
Mr Ian Manser Unite
Mr Actor Marambwa Member CWU
Prof Philip Marfleet UCU
Professor Nur Masalha Academic
Katrina Mayer GMB
Marian Mayer Chair UCU Southern Region UCU
Ms Angela Mccormick Depute Branch Secretary EIS/FELA
Mr Richard McEwan UCU National Negotiator UCU
Lesley McGorrigan Regional Secretary, Yorkshire/Humberside UCU
Campbell McGregor member Unison
John McGrory PCS
Mr Jas McGuinness Vice President Commercial Sector PCS
Ray McHale Unison
Mr John McInally NEC PCS
Kenny McKay NEC member PCS
Ian Mckendrick Communications officer, Oxfordshire UNISON Health branch Unison
Mr Steve McKenzie Member UNITE
ms Sandra McLeod Retired member NEU
Aileen McLoughlin Member Unison
Mrs Linda Mcmahon School rep EIS/FELA
Patricia McManus   Falmer Branch Sec UCU
John McNally NEC member PCS
Ms Jo McNeill President University of Liverpool Branch Committee UCU
Ms Mo McRae N/A Unite Community
Alan McShane Chair of UCU Safety Reps Cmmittee UCU
Mr Norman Meddle Retired member Unison Unison
Mrs Alison Meeds Member UCU
Mrs Patricia Melia Member Unite
Dr Heather Mendick member UCU
Mr Raymond Mennie Dundee RMB Unite the Union
Mr Tim Meredith Member GMB
Dr David Merrick Retired member Unison
Dr Linda Milbourne branch committee member UCU
Laura Miles UCU NEC UCU
Professor David Miller UCU, NUJ
Mr Richard Milner shop steward, branch chair, regional committee delegate Unite
Ms Angie Mindel Retired member NEU (NUT section)
Mr Tahir Mirza Member and CLP Delegate Unite
Mr Salman Mirza Union rep Unison
Pascale Mitchell Branch Chair Unite
Anne Mitchell Unite
Ms Pascale Mitchell Branch Chair Unite
Mr Bob Moloney Retired rep UCU
Ms Merilyn Moos Chair, UCU London Retired branch (in personal capacity) UCU
Mr Josh Moos Member UCU
Carlo Morelli NEC member UCU
Ms Jill Morgan Community member Unite
Mr Richard Morgan Member Unite
Professor Clément Mouhot member UCU
Ms Heather Muir
Ken Muller Press Officer NEU
Martha Mundy Member UCU
Mr Simon Murch National Executive (South Yorkshire) NEU (NUT Section)
Bob Murdoch Branch Secretary Unite
Dave Muritu NEC member UCU
Mr Gareth Murphy Branch Secretary Unite Community
Dr John Murphy President Blackburn Trades Union Council
Dr Helen Murrell Member Unite (MPU)
Ms Lucy Nabijou member Unison
Mr Bahadur Najak Treasurer UCU
Keith Nathan retired member Unite
Elliot Nathan Branch Rep PCS
Dr Bhabani Nayak UCU
Mr Najeeb Nazir Vice Chair Unison Nottm City
Mr James Neill Member Unite
Mr Chris Neville Member Unite
Professor James Newell Member UCU
Professor John Newsinger UCU
Mr Tim Nicholls Branch Secretary, DWP Dorset PCS PCS
Arthur Nicoll Scottish Local Govt Cttee Unison
Ms Jan Nielsen NEU
Dr Marijn Nieuwenhuis member UCU
Mr Moshfiqur Noor Unite and GMB
Ms Ella Noyes Retired member Unison
Mr Philip Oakland
Safiya O’Donnell Unite
Ms Bernadette O’Donnell Member EIS/FELA
Frank Ormston Member TSSA
Dr Mike Orr UCU
Helen O’Sullivan Branch LGBT Officer/Steward Unison (pc)
Henry O’Tani
Marianne Owens NEC Member PCS
Christina Paine NEC member UCU
Mr Eric Parker Branch Financial Officer CWU
Ms Averil Parkinson retired Unite
Ms Ann Parry Delegate to CLP Unite Community
Susan Pashkoff Chair, East London Unite Community Unite
Ms Wendy Patterson member Unite
Chris Patton Learning Representative Unite
Mr Roger Payne Retired Member NEU
Mr Philip Penny Branch Secretary Unite at Oxleas Unite
Tony Phillips Branch Secretary Unison
Mr Paul Phillips Waltham forest president NEU
Mr John Pickard Branch president (personal capacity) Mid-Essex NUT (NEU)
Kieran Picken Secretary, City of Derby NEU (NUT section)
Annemarie Piso Joint Branch Secretary UCU
Mr David Plank Member Unite Community
Dr. Sharri Plonski Lecturer University College Union (UCU)
Craig Plowman Workplace Representative Unite
Professor Megan Povey Commitee member and congress delegate UCU
Mr Paul Power Haringey NEU Rep and Branch Ctte Member NEU
Dr Nicola Pratt Member UCU
Mr Brian Precious Member UNITE
Leda Prest Branch Equality Officer Unite (Community)
MS Maureen Purcell MEMBER Unison
Mr Richard Purvis Unite (Community)
Mr Michael Quinn Member Unite
Mr Abyd Quinn Aziz Equalities Officer UCU
David Radford International Officer* Unison
Prof Shirin Rai member ucu
Mr Matthew Raine None Unison
Mr Reuben Ramsay Member Unison
Ms Elizabeth Ramsden Retired member Unite (Community)
Roland Rance Former Secretary, Waltham Forest Trades Council East London Unite Community
Mark Randall Unison NSFT branch Labour Link Officer Unison & Unite
Mr John Rattigan Convenor Unite
Mr John Rattigan Convenor Unite The Union
Mr Antony Rawlinson Member GMB
Mr Merlin Reader CWU
Mr Jon Reddiford Branch secretary NEU (NUT section)
Andy Reid Cttee member PCS
Gwenan Richards UCU
Dr Melanie Richter-Montpetit UCU
Frances Rifkin Member of Women’s Committee Equity
Mr David Ring Shop Steward Unite
Julia Roberts NEC member UCU
Ellen Robottom Unite
Dr Alan Roe Workplace Rep UCU
Mr Neil Rogall UCU
Mr Jeffrey Rogers Member Unite
Mr Richard Rogerson H&S Representative Unite
Mr Peter Rossetti Member CWU
Mr Gordon Rowntree Branch Secretary PCS
Ms June Roy Workplace contact Unison
Ms Jennifer Runham Member Unite Community
Mr Paul Rush Ex Union Rep Unite
Paul Russell Vice Chair, Yorkshire and Humber Retired Members  branch UCU
Ms Rabia Saleem BAME committee member Unite
Ms Alison Salmon Member USDAW
Adam Samuels Member Unite
Nita Sanghera UCU Vice president and president-elect UCU
Ms LM Santamera None Co-op
Dr Esther Saraga None UCU
Mr mark sayers union member Unite
Mrs LINDA SAYLE Member Unite (Community)
ms miriam scharf International Solidarity Officer Newham NEU (NUT section)
Emeritus Professor Richard Seaford UCU
Leon Sealey-Huggins Committee Member UCU
Ms Liz Segal Musicians Union
Dave Semple NEC member and Scotland chair PCS
Mrs Zarrin Shannon
Mr Arthur Shaw Safety Rep 24 years RMT  Honoury member
Mr Arthur Shaw Safety rep 24 years RMT honoury member
TMIET pete shaw construction NISC UNITE
David Sheridan Secretary West Midlands Retired Members Branch UCU
Mr Dave Sherry Branch Vice Chair, Unite
Professor Jawed Siddiqi UCU
Mr Tanbir Siddique Cheltenham CLP delegate Unite
Sasha Simic Shop Steward C133 USDAW
Mr Stefan Simms National Executive NEU
Mrs Ros Slater Henke Retired Retired
Chris Smailes Unison
Sandra Smith Unite
Veronica Smith Member Unite (Community)
Mr Duncan Smith Branch Chairperson (personal capacity) Unison
Mrs Hilary Smith Community Member Unite
Mr Glynn Smith none no longer a union member (retired-ex Nalgo)
Mr Karl Smout Vice chair (pc) PCS
Dr Rasha Soliman member UCU
Dr Andy Stafford Department rep UCU
Mr. David Stepney Community member Unite
Pablo Stern Sheffield Uni Treasurer UCU
Maureen Stewart Member Unison
Mr Andy Stone Branch secretary NEU (NUT section)
Sarah Sturge Member and labour party delegate Unite
Ms Z Sullivan None None
John Sullivan NEC member UCU
Mr Andy Summers Executive Media spokesman NEU (NUT section)
Paul Swift Delegate to Broxtowe CLP Unison
Dr Michael Szpakowski Branch Chair, Writtle university college (personal capacity) UCU
Mrs Linda Taaffe Secretary Waltham Forest Trades Council NEU
Ms Inbar Tamari International officer (PC) NEU
Ms Sue Tame Member Unite Community
mr v.m. taylor community auew-tass
Mr Dave Taylor Branch Chair Unite
Ms Wendy Taylor   member Unite
Mr Geoff Tennant Member Unite
Dr Andrea Teti UCU Aberdeen member UCU
Ms Sara Thomas Member of unison Unison
Miss Stefani Thomas Union member Unison
Mr Stephen Thomas GMB
Dr Andy Thompson West Mids Regional Cttee, F&GP, PC Unite
Mr George Thompson Branch Secretary PCS
Sean Thompson Unite
Steve Thorley NEC member PCS
Ms Margery Thorogood Association Treasurer NEU (NUT section)
Dr Lisa Tilley UCU
Dr Teodora Todorova UCU
Mr Martin Tolley Unite Community member Unite
Ms Sara Tomlinson Branch Sec Lambeth NEU (NUT section)
Mr Paul Topley Member NEU
Miss Kelly Tremlett
Camille Tsang Union rep Unite
Dr Myka Tucker-Abramson Branch Secretary UCU
Mr Phil Turner South Yorkshire NUJ vice-chair NUJ
Ms Virginia Turner Member Unite
Candy Udwin NEC member PCS
Ms Gaynor Underhill NAPO
Professor Martin Upchurch UCU
Miss Gwen Vardigans Unite the community member UNITE
Gordon Vassell Ex-London FBU EC Member FBU
Ms Carmen Vazquez Training and education officer West London Unite Branch Unite
Sean Vernell NEC member UCU
dr sigrid vertommen ucu
Ms Carole Vinxent Member Unite
Dr Paul Waley member UCU
Mr Colin Walker Branch Chair Chesterfield CMA Unite
Neil Walker UCU
Ursula Walker Branch treasurer NEU (NUT section)
Sean Wallis NEC member UCU
Mr Malcolm Walters Unite member Unite
Lena Wånggren VP UCU Edinburgh UCU
Dr Dan Ward Member UCU
Mr Robert Waterton UCU
Mrs Carrie Anne Watkins PCS GEC mver PCS
Professor Janet Watson UCU
Julie Webster PCS
Dr Tom Webster Member UCU
Ms B Weightman Personal capacity
Mr Sam Weinstein Member Unite
Ivan Wels Nottm East LP TULO NEU
Mr Steve West DWP Group Executive Committee PCS
Mr Steve West DWP Group Executive Committee PCS
Mr. Michael Westcombe Member Unite
Professor Jane Wheelock (Retired) member UCU
mr james whelan member unison
Miss Emma White Unison
Gordon White President  Northants NEU NEU
Mr colin wilkes Actavist Unite
Mrs Clare Wilkins Retired rep PCS
Mr Steve Wilkins* Secretary Medway Trades Union Council
Mr Paul Wilkinson East Midlands Retired Member UCU
Mr Neale Williams None Unison
 Mr Bob Williams-Findlay None Unison
Rose Wilson Branch Committee UCU
Ms Clare Winter Unison
Mr John Wood Branch Secretary Unite
Bob Wood Unison
Dr Graham Woodruff UCU
Jon Woods Branch Chair Unison
Mr Graham Wylie Member RMT
Ms Alma Yaniv Unite
J Yeates Environment Rep UCU
Ümit Yıldız UCU
Ms Zoe Zero Rep NEU
Mr Daniel Zwolinski Union Rep & BEC member PCS

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