Egypt: A hundred rally in solidarity with Tahrir in Dublin

John Molyneux reports from Ireland:

Richard Boyd Barrett, member of the Irish Parliament, addresses the picket

There was a very successful picket of the Egyptian Embassy in Dublin this evening (Monday 21 Nov). It attracted about 100 people at only 24 hours notice. This shows the powerful feelings of solidarity with the Egyptian Revolution that exist everywhere.

Those taking part included about a dozen members of the local Egyptian community, who led most of the chanting, but there was also a strong representation of local trade unionists, socialists and anti-war campaigners, including two representatives from US Veterans for Peace. Speakers included two United Left Alliance TDs ( MPs,) Richard Boyd Barrett and Joe Higgins, People Before Profit City councillor, Brid Smith. There was a minutes silence for the martyrs and much chanting of ‘Down with the Military Dictatorship ‘ and Thawra, thawra haaten nasr (Revolution, revolution until victory!)

A further protest at the embassy is planned for 3pm next Saturday 26 November, when it is also hoped to achieve a link up with the important trade union March Against Austerity on that day.

For more details of global protests in solidarity with Tahrir go here

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