Egypt: Civil Registry employees join national strike

Over 9000 civil registry workers in Egypt announced a nation-wide indefinite strike at the end of July.

The strikes gradually swept through Egypt from Cairo and Giza to Alexandria and Aswan, until a nation-wide indefinite strike to include all 26 provinces was announced on the 27th of July. The striking workers are demanding their wages for the months of May and June as well as a 400% rise in their bonuses and allowances.

One worker said from Cairo said, “we turn over EGP 5 million per day to the treasury and yet most of barely earn enough to survive.”

The workers are also demanding the Civil Registry becomes an independent judicial body and are threatening to bring the campaign of strikes into the Ministry of Justice, by involving the legal officials working within the Civil Registry to join the strike action, if this demand is not met. Civil Registry workers within the Ministry of Justice previously organised a 40 day strike but, the action was then brought to an end after the Minister promised to put forward a project to realise this demand.

One worker in Aswan said, “we are tired of double-standards, the Ministry of Justice wants us to be a productive office, but then it merges our treasury into that of the entire ministry and we lose out on our benefits and rights in the process. We are shocked in their decision to do this.”

See video of Cairo strikes here.

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