Declaration: Solidarity with resistance to military rule in Sudan


We the undersigned, pledge to:

  • Build solidarity for the Sudanese revolution and resistance to military rule
  • Mobilise to end international military, financial and diplomatic support for the coup leaders and the regional regimes (UAE, Saudi Arabia, Egypt and Israel) backing them
  • Publicise the role of the Resistance Committees in leading the Sudanese revolution
  • Establish a Coordinating Committee to organise further events and build solidarity networks among trade unionists and activists nationally and internationally to achieve the aims above

بيان: متضامنين مع الثورة السودانية والمقاومة ضد الحكم العسكري

نحن الموقعون أدناه نتعهد بالآتي:-
١. بناء جبهة تضامن واسعة مع الثورة السودانية السلمية لمناهضة الانقلاب العسكري. و بناء علاقات تعاون ما بين النقابات البريطانية و نظيراتها السودانيه

٢. إستخدام وتحريك وسائل
الضغط الدبلوماسي لإيقاف الدعم العسكري، المالي والدبلوماسي لقادة الإنقلاب العسكري، خاصة من بعض دول الإقليم ( الأمارات، المملكة السعودية، مصر واسرائيل

٣. النشر والتعريف بدور لجان المقاومة التي تقود الحراك الثوري السلمي ضد الإنقلاب العسكري من خلال المظاهرات السلمية المتواصلة

٤. تكوين تنسيقية ثورية بهدف دعم الثورة السودانية من خلال تنظيم المؤتمرات والورش لتأسيس شبكة تضامن واسعة داخل النقابات البريطانية المختلفة بالإضافة إلى العمل الذي يقوم به نشطاء حقوق الانسان داخل بريطانيا وحول العالم

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This Declaration was launched on 6 December 2021 at the Solidarity with the Sudanese Revolution Emergency Conference, co-organised by the Sudanese Diaspora Roundtable – UK, MENA Solidarity, UCU, NEU, Edinburgh TUC, Redbridge TUC, West Midlands Unison and other union branches.

Speakers at the conference included:

  • Chi Onwurah, MP and British Shadow Minister for Digital, Science and Technology
  • Dr Samia Naggar, Sudanese Civil Society activist
  • Dr. Omar Al-Qurai, Sudanese Education Expert, Former director of educational curricula in Sudan
  • Vicky Blake, President University and College Union
  • Dr. Mohamed Saeed M.Eltayeb, International Human Rights Law Expert
  • Dr. Mohmed Nagi Alasam, Central Committee of Sudan Doctors
  • Abdul Rahman Al-Amin, Sudanese Media Advisor
  • John McDonnell MP
  • Bakri Ali, A sudanese American Social and Political Activist
  • Gawain Little, Chair, International Committee, National Education Union, UK
  • Dr. Husam El-Mugamar, Sudan’s Doctors for Human Rights
  • Gamariea Omer, Representative of Sudanese Teachers Union
  • Modather Momed Omer, Learning & Development Expert
  • Dr. Mohamed Sigeir, Central Committee of Sudan Pharmacist
  • Dr. Hashem Mukhtar, Sudanese Doctor 
  • Samia Al Hashemi, Chairperson of Steering Committee Sudan Bar Association
  • Abubakr Adam, Chairman, Sudanese Lawyers and Legal Practitioners UK.
  • Faris Musa, Association of the Pensioned and Unlawful dismissed police officers – Sudan    
  • Nazim Sorag, Hadreen Organization
  • Basheer Mohamed, Resistance Committee
  • Iman Badreddine, Martyrs’ families
  • Magda Saleh, From Civil Society
  • Dr. Jihad Mashmon, Researcher and Political Analyst
  • Dr. Noor Al Ula Mudawi, Safe Sudan
  • Dora Gambo, Representative of Sudanese Journalists
  • Montasir Abdelmajed, Editor in Chief, Madameek Newspapers   
  • Sarah Haj, Workers in the Higher Education Union
  • Mohamed Zidan, Engineer & Trade Unionist
  • Murtada Eltigani,Trade Unionist
  • Dr. Sdeeg Al-Zaylai, Trade Union Expert
  • Issam Abdo, Sudanese Engineers Union in the United Kingdom

The declaration is now open for individual and organisational signatures – please add your details below for publication online and to receive updates about campaigns and activities related to the declaration aims.

Individual signatories include:

  • Elhussein Yassin Sudanese Diaspora Roundtable UK Member, Board of Trustees UK
  • Muna Khugali Sudan Round Table Member of executive committee UK
  • Abdulrahman Alamin Investigative Reporters Network-USA Senior Editor United States
  • Louise Regan, National Executive, National Education Union, UK
  • Dave Sherry Unite Vice Chair Glasgow Unite RMA Branch Scotland
  • Shadia Abdelmoneim Sudanese Communist Party. Germany branch Political secretary
  • Tony Phillips UNISON London Fire Brigade Branch Secretary United Kingdom
  • Mark Sage Portsmouth City UNISON Branch International Officer UK
  • Mohamed Nasreldin The Union of Sudanese Communities-UK Chairperson United Kingdom
  • Mohamed Sigeir Central Committee Of Sudan Pharmacists Board member of CCSP Sudan
  • Stephen Zunes University of San Francisco Professor of Politics United States
  • Karen Reissmann Unison Nec UK (personal capacity)
  • Gennaro Gervasio Università Roma Tre Associate Professor in History and Politics of the MENA countries Italy
  • Professor Bill Bowring European Lawyers for Democracy and Human Rights; Haldane Society of Socialist Lawyers President; International Secretary England
  • Declan Owens Haldane Society of Socialist Lawyers Chair United Kingdom

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