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Sign the statement against Sisi’s visit to UK

Originally posted on Egypt Solidarity:
Trade unionists, campaigning lawyers, activist groups and student union leaders are backing a statement against the visit of Egyptian president Abdelfattah el-Sisi to the UK. The open letter to David Cameron condemns British support for the military regime in Egypt and British complicity in Sisi’s attacks on human rights, including…

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Trade unionists, journalists and academics condemn confiscation of Egyptian activists’ assets

Originally posted on Egypt Solidarity:
Film-maker Ken Loach, Irish civil rights activist and journalist Eamonn McCann, the Communication Workers’ Union general secretary Billy Hayes and leading academics from Oxford, Cambridge, London and other UK universities yesterday signed a statement condemning the latest moves by Egypt’s military regime to clamp down on opposition activists. Published in…


Bahrain: Nabeel Rajab faces jail for a tweet

By David Binns, UCU Retired members branch Leading Bahraini human rights and pro-democracy activist Nabeel Rajab is once again on the receiving end of the repression which is one of the enduring specialisms of the gulf dictatorship. The latest of Nabeel’s arrests took place at the beginning of October, shortly after his return from an…


Bahrain: Background briefing and model motion for union activists

MENA Solidarity, advocacy organisation Bahrain Watch and Bahraini human rights activists at the Bahrain Institute for Rights and Democracy have worked together to produce a background briefing for trade unionists on the situation in Bahrain. We’ll be distributing the briefing the annual congress of lecturers’ union UCU next week, or you can download copies here.…


المملكة المتحدة : انضمام نقابيين ناشطين لمظاهرة أمام السفارة المصرية في لندن

انضم نقابيون وناشطون في شبكة التضامن مع العالم العربي إلى الوقفة الاحتجاجية التي نظمها ناشطون مصريون أمام السفارة المصرية في لندن يوم السبت 25 يناير وهتف المتظاهرون ضد الحكم العسكري في مصر، ودعوا إلى الإفراج الفوري عن السجناء السياسيين و وضع حد للقمع وقرأ أندي ريد من المكتب التنفيذي الوطني لنقابة الخدمات العمومية والتجارية، بيان…